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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Morning Glorys in Pokeberry

Another morning of pretty blue morning glories blooming right out my window! There are some other colors too, but this am, the blue is very striking. The finches area all hanging from thistle feeders under the little dogwood and the garden is waking up to what looks like yet another lovely day in Charlotte. I need to go pick some tomatoes and eggplant for my co-workers. I usualy bring some in on Saturdays or Fridays because the crew I work with day loves them.

Its been a bit breezier than usual the past couple days, and cooler. Out in our pool last night it almost seemed as if the pool at 86 degrees was warmer than the air. I suppose it may have been.

I'm watching a little finch trying to get its Momma to feed it on one of the thistle feeders. Funny scene, here it sits next to all that seed begging to be fed. ;)

I think there is no prettier scene that watching goldfinches flitting about and eating from thistle bags hanging along a morning glory vine in bloom. I'm so glad I did what I did with annual vine seeds this year. I just tossed them all together in pots and put them under the support posts for the carport~patio roof. The posts are aluminum with S scrolling. I hung some pots of other plants too, coleus and there are large pots with 4 o'clocks and caladiums and other things nearby too-so what I have is a full looking area of foliage and flowers on the ground and it tapers off into various vines that climbed up the posts nearly to the patio roof and flower with a variety of different colors and shapes. This morning a cypress vine is beginning to bloom among the morning glories--it has smaller bright red flowers. All these flowers attract the little hummingbirds and I have thistle socks tied to the posts among the vines to attract the gold finches. We can sit out on our carport~patio and watch the birds or I can see them from my kitchen table where I usually blog. Lovely lovely!!!

The pots are nothing exciting, sometimes I stack clay pots on top of other clay pots or put pots on upside down milk crates to give them varying heights. I have used very cheap things for pots because I am always looking to cut the budget. I grew many of these things from seeds or bulbs becuase that is cheaper than buying plants. What plants I bought were purchased after the spring rush so they were marked down and needed a bit of tlc--but now they are doing well. Ugly pots are barely visible when they are in full bloom. I save my best pretty pots for the front porch near the door--these are more visible from the street and I don't spend much time out there so the pots have things in them that tend themselves more and the pots 'show' more than they do in the back where we have our private little jungle.

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