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Monday, August 4, 2008

Out My Window Monday Morning, Early August 08

Yesterday I moved my thistle sock feeders so they'd be scattered about the little garden area by the carport/patio. We took the 'mothership' feeder off the arch trellis and it is now hanging from our little dogwood tree along with two other sock feeders. Now the arch trellis prettier cuz it doesn't look like it has a giant jelly fish on it. There are two more feeders on the awning posts, in among some flowering vines. The gold finches are happy as can be and we can watch them from our pool or patio which is truly enjoyable.

This morning the goldfinches are here as well as a noisy little catbird and there is a black bird at the party feeder--I hope he won't be bringing his friends--I've got a special hardware cloth cage that Hubby made for me in the event that we ever have black bird infestations. He made it when we lived in Fargo and we had about 30 of them coming daily and making a mess and alot of noise and eating up all the seed. The cage fits over my old, frequently repaired/repainted party feeder. It has little holes in it so small birds can go inside and reach the seeds. Big birds like the blackbirds have to hang upside down and do gymnastics to get at the seeds and usually go someplace else. Once they have been gone a while we lift the cage back off. It works!

I'm a little bit selective about which birds I'll feed. Seed is pricey and I don't like to encourage diners that like to just toss it around and filth up my bird bath and not even say Thank You Ma'am.

Well this morning is my grocery trip--I'll be heading out soon. I'm planning on going to Harris Teeter, Riteaid and Aldi. The trifecta. It should only take me about an hour and a half. I'm using hubby's old jeep. He took my car to work, cuz I need gas. He works just over the NC/SC border so gas on the SC side is about 10 or 15 cents a gallon less. So, we just switch cars for fill ups. I heard on the radio yesterday that there's a Walmart in Cherryville with really cheap gas. They said a woman came from Virginia to fill up. I thought--well I hope she had some other plans while here--cuz-- ?? heaad scratching?? she'll need more gas than that to get home. Maybe she should run for congress? She seems pretty much like she has the right mindset. ~wink~

Anyhow-- out my window-- Pokeberry is just lovely!!!! I wish I could just go play outside like we did Sunday, but even if I don't 'work' at my job today I do have work to do in the house getting the week set up for meals and making sure all the cleaning etc will be accomplished. We do have a heat wave coming I hear. Tomorrow is supposed to be super hot--so maybe I should get one of my boys out to mow today then. Once the real heat hits, mowing slows down, or at least it did last year. Of course we had that drought going, but as I recall once it got really hot it stayed hot a long while and barely rained so the grass didn't do a whole lot. I'm not all that experienced with the South so I don't know if thats normal, seems like it might be though.

I'm so glad I put those feeders on the awning posts! I can see the little finches all over them right now from my window. So pretty!

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