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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Plastic Dish Tubs, Under Sink Flooding..

I was greeted this morning by a plugged up drain in my kitchen. Yup--complete with leaking pipe. Normally, being a cautious sort of gal, I keep my undersink things in a plastic dish tub. Well--about a week ago--there having never been a leak from the pipes since we moved in, I needed my plastic dish tub for a chore I was doing and took it out. I remember thinking as I did it, "you're asking for it". Sure enough everything down there got soaked in the deluge and I had the pleasure of cleaning up a yucky mess before coffee time--and having hubby come fix the pipe before he headed to work.(we all know how much guys like that--although to his credit--he didn't even mutter)

Well I've wiped it all out now with bleach water and a fan is running to dry it well. Everything that goes back in will be in a plastic dish tub or old icecream bucket.

This post is basically a tribute to the lowly plastic dish tub.

I use plastic dish tubs for all sorts of things. When the kids were homeschooling I used to sort curriculum/homework/assignments in them and keep them on a bookshelf. These days I often use them to start seeds for my garden. I have holes drilled in several of them for drainage. They last forever and hold a good amount of plants and are not flimsy. They can also be washed out well. I don't go out and buy 'flats' to start seeds. I also use dish tubs for garage storage. Hubby uses them for things in his work area. When we had to be very careful with water use years ago--our well pump had died-- we used them to wash dishes so we could use the gray water to flush toilets. (*Note:this actually went on for 3 weeks! I learned just how fragile society could be after that little episode. Turn off the tap a few weeks and you'll understand.)

I have often found dish tubs in rummage sales and thrift stores or at dollar stores. I find new ones for about a dollar in dollar stores, used ones usually go for 25cents in rummage sales. I've never wrecked one, my first 4 tubs came from hospitals where I had given birth to my babies--so that means I've got at least one that is over 25 years old. :) Baby #1 will be 26 this fall.

They don't have lids but its amazing all the things you can do with a plastic dish tub. They're right up there with duck tape on my semi-frugal Pokeberry 'good stuff' list.

So what's to be learned today?

1. Never store anything under the sink without a waterproof container underneath it--a dish tub is good.

2. plastic dish tubs are cheap and super useful, keep some on hand and don't borrow the one from under the sink or you will have a flood.

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  1. LOLOL...Love the LESSONS LEARNED! Isn't this always the way...crap! Glad you got it fixed right quick and all is well. I am with you on dish tubs...they are very valuable over the years!