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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pokeberry In Seattle, August 27, 2008

Well, Hubby and I arrived in Seattle yesterday about noonish. We're surprised to find its so cool here! I had packed all summer clothes. Well--I ended up having to go go shopping. Happily I happened upon a very good sale at JC Penny's which was walking distance from our hotel. I managed to pick up 2 pairs of jeans, 2 nice shirts and a sweater, and a pack of socks--all of which I can use for work this winter- for less than $100. I guess I've gotten used to Charlotte weather --I think 90 is 'just right' now. So I was really not comfy with 50s & 60s plus rainy. Its ok--I was planning to add these items to my wardrobe sometime this fall anyhow--so I'm just a wee bit early.

Hubby has business today, but I'm excited because my old friend Audrey is driving here to come get me for the day and she and I are going to visit the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. I'm planning to bring my camera and take some photos and I know I'll enjoy the afternoon visiting with my dear friend and seeing the market--which is something I am very intrigued with.

The market--if wikipedia is correct actually began in about 1907 as a 'local foods' market that would cut prices by cutting out the middle men. It has an interesting history as so many of the original vendors were Japanese Americans that it was confiscated and sold after Pearl Harbor. Various things happened over the year and it was brought back in the 70s apparently. I haven't got all the history down pat here--but I'm getting the 'idea' that what this is is a market that is kind of quirky.

While it is famous for fruit--some of which is obviously not from Washington state--like oranges-- NEW vendors apparently must grow their products on their own land and sell only approved items. So it appears the rules are different for some than others.

I'm hoping to be able to ask some questions of 'the folk' in the market and write about it later.

I'm 'ambivalent' about the local foods movement and about some of the other things that are becoming more and more popular with a sort of politically correct 'control' over zoning and markets these days. What you get in effect is certainly 'nicer venues' in big cities--which may be good in some ways--many ways--but you also lose in the area of freedom. I'm trying to form my own opinion on these things so this trip can kind of be not only a fun day--but also a 'study opportunity.'.

Very cool! Will write later! We're leaving Seattle tomorrow for Spokane where we'll be spending a day and half before spending Friday evening and all day Saturday in the area of Couer d'Alene Idaho with our son and his new wife. So Pokeberry is on the road--fun!


  1. Have a great time at the market! I love travelling with my laptop and is FUN! I will keep checking in to see what you are up to!

  2. Yes it is fun when you are between things to do to have time to blog a bit.