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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pokeberry Sunday Morning..

Well on Sunday's it is legal for me to use my sprinkler--which I don't use much anyhoo, I believe it is better to hand water--but today I decided to let it work on the veggies for me so I could be lazy. It took me a while to adjust the sprinkler, Its been sitting for about a month and was set for the front yard. In the process I got another good scolding from Mrs. Wren who thought the water heading toward her Gourd house was some sort of attack. I also managed to soak myself.

Before I watered I filled up yet another basket with fresh veggies. This time I have some tomatoes, yellow squash, yellow & purple beans and habanero peppers. I also found a nice zuchini in one of my galvanized tub gardens. I was wondering what that was growing in there. I planted only elephant's ear and caladiums. When the squash vine started growing I wasn't sure if it was a squash or a gourd--but I thought it looked good so I let it stay. Well--its a zuke. :) Awesome--my zuchinis in the garden didn't do well for some reason, so this is my first. That will stir fry nicely with my yellow squash. For the first time in weeks I don't have any japanese eggplant to pick. There are more coming but they are just tiny. That's good cuz even my friend Helen has had enough eggplant now.

Next chore re-fill bird feeders. One thing I did is take down all the finch feeders, except 'the mothership' which is that odd plastic dome thing with the 2 squiggly sock feeders hanging from it. I think it looks like a jelly fish kind of hanging under my arch trellis. I've seem hummginbirds hover next to it--I guess they thought the plastic part looked like one of their little feeders. I'm waiting for hubby to get that one down for me cuz he won't need a step stool.

I took my basket of goodies in the house and filled up a 'treat cup' for our little parrots, Bubba & Sweetpea--who got some chopped fresh beans and celery sticks. Bubba said "ho, ho" with his French accent, that's his way of thanking me.

Meanwhile Hubby discovered the habeners in the basket and now he's busy behind me stringing habenero peppers on fishing line --without gloves! I told him I wouldn't do that, but I think likely he won't do it twice. Habneros need to be respected, but Hubby is one of those guys who just has to do things his way, and as a result is very experienced in making butterfly bandages do what most folks would get stitches for.He's also one of the few people I know that likes habeneros, most of us find them way too hot and we don't appreciate him contaminating our food when he cooks. I tell him to save it for his own plate.

Lately Hubby is very proud of his first ventures in gardening. He has what I call a 'wannabee bonzai' which he has grown cuttings from in plain water. Making him thus an expert propagator. I did try to explain to him that rooting ficus is not that difficult but nevertheless he is sure he has a special touch. I laugh when he says that cuz I think he is the only person alive who cannot get bamboo to grow. ;)

Anyhow he and I do have fun here in Pokeberry, especially floating around in our Sam's club pool and enjoying ourselves watching the birds from under the awning of the carport~patio.

This morning is lovely! It usually is here. Hubby is now out in the garden looking for cayennes and I'll be out soon to hang the laundry since the sprinkler has finished watering veggies for me.

Right now its 74 degrees here in Charlotte and blue skies and I am very ready for a happy sunshiny day.

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