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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pokeberry To Market??

Hmmm... so many ideas. I exchanged an email with someone at the local tailgate farmer's market and 'maybe' Pokeberry Garden will be part of the market next year--possibly selling some crafts and produce. I'm thinking about it anyhow. :) I do work e/o Saturday though--so that needs to be considered.

Funny how small the world is--one of my neighbors apparently is already a vendor there--who knew? The market apparently is very encouraging of urban gardeners marketing their goodies. Neat!

Anyhow I am going to try to go down and visit this weekend and have a look/see and give it more thought.

Other things coming up today--it has occurred to me that I may not have witnessed a kitty carrying a bird this morning--if so, it was darkish and the 'bird' seemed rather large for a kitty to capture. I am thinking now--Oh! LIGHT BULB! I bet it was a kitten! There has already been at least one batch of kittens behind my garage this summer, I bet this is the beginning of another little batch of kittens in Pokeberry. Hmm... is this good? Its raining pretty steady,I think I'll hold off on investigating that possibility.

Well it is raining here in Pokeberry as I just mentioned. I can currently see nearly a dozen little gold finches feasting at various thistle socks near the carport~patio. I'm so happy its raining! I was planning to water the veggies today--and had to work a split shift as I attended a meeting this morning and am working this evening--so its nice that God decided to water for me--He does a much better job. :)

I've got my new domain up and running so there is now a and a wiki page to go with it. BUT nothing else is up there yet. :) I spent much of yesterday playing with Gimp and getting a headache in the process. Maybe its the weather but I still do have the headache, so Maybe a little feet up nap is in order before work tonite. Maybe I'll dream of things I could sell at the Tailgate market--wouldn't that be fun? I know our house fund could use some extra coins plunking down--that could be a way for me to add to it. hmmm....

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  1. Hi Mary! I wanted to share something with you that we have just discovered at our grocery store. In the frozen section, there are these frozen bags of a whole dinner in a bag...ours have been made by CONTESSA, and so far we have tried about 6 kinds...we have liked them all. I am telling you about them for several reasons (fast to make on work days, and you can make 1 bag (5-7 dollars), and add all kinds of extra vegetables you've grown, or found at the market. We make 1 bag, with extra vegeies added, for 3 adults in our house. I guess if you have 5-6 people you would use 2 bags. I found them this week 2 bags for 10 dollars...and I think this is relatively inexpensive, and they are low fat, sodium also. Just wanted to tell you about them...might be good once in a while for ya! :)