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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Seattle Pike Place Market, Local and Organic Thoughts..

I enjoyed my afternoon spent at the Pike Place Market with my old friend very much! I'll wait til I'm home to post photos--cuz I'm borrowing Hubby's laptop and don't want to put too much stuff on it. My laptop has a bigger keyboard and didn't come along for the trip this time as I don't want to check it with my bags and my case is pretty big.

The market in Seattle is HUGE, HUGE, HUGE! Super Huge! It is several blocks of shops and stands and in some places a few stories as well. Besides food and flowers there are plenty of arts and crafts and clothing items and other miscellaneous merchandise. One feature of the market is a fresh fish stand where the workers 'throw' fish. I'm not sure exactly why they throw these big fish--except to please the crowd I guess it doesn't seem necessary. It may be that at one time that was a good way to move them from one spot to another but now I think its just to get a crowd gathered. Speaking of crowds--we were there on weekday afternoon on a fairly chilly August day and it was definitely crowded. Turns out the market is the number one tourist attraction in Seattle.

About local foods and flowers-- well there are some. There were several organic stands out on the street in front of the covered area of the market. I think the vast majority of stands though are not local or organic. It would not be much of a market I'm sure if it were 100% organic.

Currently they are not accepting any new flower vendors or vendors of produce that do not grow their own food locally. I'm thinking- there are some problems with the idea of 'local' in big cities.

One-- there's no room in big cities to grow a large marketable amount of produce.
Two--weather and seasonal produce- in many areas of the country there are periods of time in the calendar-- much of the year when almost nothing is ready for market.

Problems with organic--
One--it is far more expensive & labor intensive to produce organic crops.

I am all for folks eating what they can local and organic but other than the purists I just can't see this as a solution for 'hunger' in the world. I'm not all that convinced it is healthier either. The more I've read on both sides the less convinced I am. However--I think its great we live in a country where it is possible to have options like this and where shortages really are not a problem. Americans can have a healthy diet on almost any reasonable budget. How many places in the world can claim that? The more I learn the more I appreciate the country we live in--we truly are fortunate and blessed to be Americans and I wonder sometimes when I realize how few folks seem to understand that.

On other topics--We are in Spokane Washington now. We had dinner with our son and his new wife last night and it was very enjoyable. Today she and I are going out to do some shopping and Hubby will spend some time with 'Jr'. We're planning to grill out at their house afterwards and are flying home tomorrow.

I've never been in this area of the country before and it is beautiful! In Seattle and in Spokane and nearby Idaho where our son lives, we have seen mountains and rivers and large amounts of evergreen trees. Its been a very enjoyable trip.

Yesterday we were excited to learn of the VP pick for the Republicans. I am a Pro-life Christian and Sarah Palin was such a surprise for me. I had not been very energized for McCain before this, not really sure if I wanted to vote for him, but also not sure I had a choice. Now I am looking forward to voting and feel more interested in the campaign. It was like getting a shot of vitamins or something.

Like most folks I like to be able to have a choice to vote my conscience too. :) A woman who gives birth to a 5th child, and a child with Down's Syndrome while in her 40s and running a government can be nothing less than a hero in my eyes. Good for her for choosing life and not looking back.

Yesterday we had a local 'progressive' radio station on in the car for a short period and heard the female talk radio host refer to Mrs. Palin as a 'breeder' acting as if this were her only credential for office. To me that was so offensive and sexist it made me marvel. I've always thought it was interesting to find that feminists often don't believe in 'choice' they only belive in 'their choice'. Kind of sad. No choice for babies and no choice for women who want them and love them.

To me, feminism should be about personal freedom --with the exception that I do not believe a woman should be free to decide to end someone else's life. I can't see a mother as a 'breeder' to me that is such a degrading to women comment I can't understand how any radio station would allow such a person to be on the air--all I can think is there must be audience for her or she'd not be on. Too bad, that kind of hateful speech is a blight on all of us.

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  1. Your trip was over too quick, wasn't it? I'm so glad you go tot go out and see your saon and his wife! I have heard it is so beautiful in Washington...need to get out there one day! Hey...maybe next summer!