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Monday, September 8, 2008

Cooking with Ramen Noodles

When son #3 moved out last week I was left with alot of stuff as usual. My kids tend to move across state lines and not drag much along--thus when one moves out--stuff is left, when one comes back--stuff is needed again. In between that of course I've got rid of most of it.. oy! The biggest trouble has been the getting and un-getting of beds. Well ya just never know. Hopefully this one won't be back this time--is about what we think. Not that we don't want them nearby, but well you know.. we really wouldn't mind living alone some day. ;)

Anyhow one of the things left here is #3 sons Ramen Noodle stash in the pantry. He's a weight lifter and he eats alot. One of the things he eats alot of is ramen noodles. I now have at least 20 packages of them. I'll use them mainly in soups and salads as I am not a big fan of just plain old ramen.

Ramen has always been a super cheap meal, beloved by the college age crowd. I like it because you can get it cheap usually and it makes quick work of soups and salads. Today I'm making a ramen salad with cabbage and olive oil. Take one package of ramen and break up the noodles a bit, shred some cabbage or buy the cabbage that's already shredded in bags. Add the ramen spice and possibly add bits of other veggies and salt and pepper. A little onion and some celry seed is good. Then when its near time to serve I just pour in some olive oil to coat and voila--instant crunchy and yummy cabbage slaw/salad. You can eat this as leftovers, but I try not to make overmuch because eventually the noodles soak in all the oil and get mushy--its best when crunchy. I'm planning to use the rest of my cabbage for some minestroni soup in the crockpot tomorrow--if there's still some left I'll make a little batch of fresh coleslaw for a side with fish. :) There are only 4 of us in the house now, the kids don't always eat with us anymore so I make smaller batches. Thus one head of cabbage can be used for several dishes.

The Ramen website says that wheat is going up and so is ramen. Wow. I guess times are tough when ramen gets pricey. :( Still I'm betting it will be a deal compared to most foods still. The sight also has lots of ramen recipes, not mine, but lots of others. There are some good soup and asian and vegetarian recipes too.

I think of Ramen as a pantry staple--but I don't really need 20+packages on hand. Guess we'll be using it at least weekly for awhile. Kids, gotta love 'em.

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  1. Meant to say I'll shred the cabbage not shed it. ;)