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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cooling off in Pokeberry

The weather was predicted to be 90s and clear sky this weekend. I was thinking--oh good another lovely weekend to float in the pool. It is getting cooler out, though right now at 7 am its 71 degrees and I have no doubt we'll at least be in the 80s today--maybe 90--you can still tell its cooler. The water in the pool yesterday when I was doing my water exercises and floating about getting in my vitamin D and my relax time , was about 80. I think its awfully funny that I start to feel 'cool' in the 80s now. I guess I'm officially a southerner now. ;) In Fargo I would have thought anything above 50 was pretty darn nice.

Looking out the window here in Pokeberry I'm thinking this would be a nice day for a long walk. I will probably be getting some groceries today, I've been putting it off but we're out of a few crucial ingredients now--its time. I wish I could only go once a week--so far-- its 'almost'. We have a bit of a problem with gas here. I filled my tank up Friday morning at $3.79, which was a little high I thought. By the time I got off work the same gas station was 80cents higher and several gas stations I passed on the way home were out and had covered their pumps. Prices in the Charlotte area had a wild range with some being quite high and some places having lines or being out. Hurricane Ike caused a panic here that was partly due to Ike and partly due to just 'fear'. The problem is if a panic starts you really do have to join in or you won't be able to get to work--they will buy all the gas.

Sigh.. so pretty much that's what happened.

Well we don't know yet--will there be more gas next week or not. Hope so. If not at least my car is full and I won't be doing anything with it but get some groceries until I work tomorrow. I had warned son and hubby to get gas before this happened--but they thought I was silly.

Hubby is out in his garage this morning and I've got laundry going and am pondering a busy week. I have some things to get done for work and my resume to spiff up.

I met with my boss Friday for a sort of 'review' type meeting, and he showed me a job opening at a branch near my house, it would be a position where the candidate functions not only as a circulation worker but also as assistant branch manager. Wow. Anyhow-- there's always lots of applicants for jobs like that,they are very rare here. No sense getting ones hopes up, but it was really a good feeling to know that my boss believes I'd be a good fit for that kind of responsibility. I did ask if he was trying to get rid of me though. ;) He replied that he knows I can do it and that it would pay better than anything that is coming up at our branch in the near future.

True enough. It would be more than twice what I earn now, and more responsibility and hours too. Hubby and I talked and he was excited and I think-- it took me a day to mull it over--its a little scarey to think of leaving such a comfy nest as my branch has been for me, but this one is closer and appears to also be homey and the experience would be wonderful for me--as I do like to learn new things. I have decided to give it a shot. :) We'll see what comes of that, it will likely be as much as a month before I will know anything, maybe longer. I know how this goes in our system. Wish me luck. ;) For me its just a real honor even to have someone in a position to 'know' tell me I could do that.

Looking out at Pokeberry this morning I see that I really must go buy more thistle seed! My goodness those little goldfinches have been greedy. I have 6 sock style feeders out there, several are empty and the rest are down to the bottoms. The little folk are flitting about and jostling for positions now. I can hear crickets as the backyard is shady this morning, the sun patterns have been changing as fall is upon us. The morning glories haven't opened up yet as it is so dim around them and some of yesterday's 4 o'clocks are still open. Up above the holly hedge though the rose of sharon is getting some sunshine and is in bloom. My neighbor to the south gets morning sun earlier than I do. It will come though.

Here comes a pretty little rufous towhee--a female or a baby--perhaps a baby male. He is hopping on the ground beneath the party feeder. The party feeder is currently hosting a cardinal and a sparrow. Yesterday I watched squirrel come with 2 big nuts still attached to thier stems. He paused and began to chew the outer coating on the nuts off like a little buz saw. So fun to watch!

One of the kittens that began life behind my garage has been coming around. He's a little black kitty. Wild as can be. I don't know where the little gray one has gone to. They both disappeared for a while and now I see he likes to come here and sneak about near the feeders and nap under the plants.

OH!! He's made a catch!! sigh.. I guess kitty's are better hunters than I knew.

I guess it could have been the little towhee or maybe a sparrow--it was quick and I didn't get to see. I was tipped off by the sudden movement of a shrub, and when I rose to see I saw the kitty, bird in mouth, go running off toward the holly hedge. I guess he has learned to fend for himself just fine. I know there's not much I can do about this-- I've seen hawks take birds here too. This is the city, but its such a green lovely city that there is wildlife all about, and southern folk do not have 'in the house' kitty's, they have the sort that wanders. No arguing with them--they are pretty much set in that way.

Well that was disappointing. Not for kitty I suppose.

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