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Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Morning in Pokeberry, Sept 12 2008

I didn't post about the Sept. 11 anniversary. I guess I try not to think about that sort of thing. Last night on the way home from work I put the radio on and they were playing recordings from the police & fire and 911 calls and all that from that day. When I heard the woman who had called 911 and was trapped on the 87th floor I turned the radio off. I was crying a little I admit. I'd heard that all the available police and fire were headed to the towers and I knew alot of the folks that they were talking and that woman most likely were all killed that day.

That day in our house back in Wisconsin I was a little sidetracked from my homeschool routine because my dear little pet PJ the cockatiel was dying. I had been holding him close that morning I knew he wasn't going to be getting better. He'd been my little 'shoulder buddy' for years. I had hand fed him as a baby and he'd always called to me when saw me coming--"hi pretty baby!" "I love you!". Sometimes he would whistle the Andy Griffith show theme song.

PJ died just as the towers fell. It was such strange timing. My children and I were all watching the tv as it happened because my mom in law having seen the first plane hit had called me and said turn on the tv. Shortly after that we saw the 2nd plane and I knew we were at war. I looked at my four young children and said, "things are never going to be the same again, this is a life changing event, watch it and remember."

I saw that PJ was dead. At the time we didn't know how many people were killed in New York. I looked at PJ and knew it was no time to grieve a little bird.

I had my son Sam, #3 take PJ outside in a little box and bury him under the party feeder (same feeder that is in Pokeberry today--except its been patched, repaired and painted a few times)

We didn't do our usual 'pet funeral' for PJ. We simply gathered and prayed for the people in and around the towers and their families and our for our country.

There was no more homeschool that day. The lesson plan wasn't used.

My husband called from work to ask what I'd seen if the towers had really fallen. I confirmed it. He came home early in shock. He'd been there not too long before on a business trip and just couldn't believe it. I don't know if I was in shock really-- a sort of daze I think.

Anyhow-- things were never the same. I don't know what it was but 9-11 seemed to be the trigger event in our lives changing too. We didn't lose a loved one--except PJ--who for us is always tied to 9-11, though he was just a little yellow bird.

A few months later though hubby came home to tell me his job was ending and there didn't seem to be any work out there to replace it. He had been working contract and it had been always easy for him to go from contract to contract and be very well paid. We had a large mortgage and a big car payment for a van we all fit in nicely. It was 3 years of struggling to hang on and gaps in employment and doing what we could to put food on the table before we finally sold the house and lost the van. Three years that our children grew up during and we changed as a family. The kids were young and innocent when 9-11 happened. By the time our family finally left Wisconsin for Fargo-- 2 sons had moved out and our darling-- our youngest and only girl was fairly angry and rebellious and our 3rd son, the one who buried the bird, never did go on his own until just recently. In my mind it all seemed connected.
I don't know--just that one big event seemed to be the end of an idyllic time in our life. It never happened again. Childhood ended--maybe for us as parents as well as for our little ones, maybe for America herself?

Anyhow--I thought of that a little last night. I suppose its good to remember, but I guess I'm glad we don't have to think about it now for another year.

Isn't it amazing the evil and hurt that a small group of people bent on doing violence can bring about?

I guess I'd like to think a person can bring good too. Or a group of folks.

Anyhow those are my official 9-11 thoughts, on 0-12.

Has it really been 7 years? Wow.

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  1. What a beautiful rememberance of so much at that time. It is a sad, but bittersweet time for you to rememeber with your family and all that was affected by that day of evil doing. The only thing is that I always think of is how God opens a window, when a door gets closed...and it is true. Time for your breaths of fresh air! And I think of what I believe was King Solomon wrote about a time for everything under the sun! Ain't it the truth???
    Have a wonderful weekend, Mary!