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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Grocery Game New Service!

Grocery Game is offering a new service. (*this may only be for Harris Teeter store users, not sure) They now match previously 'used coupons' with sales as well as 'unused'. What this means is--if you didn't use a coupon the first time it was matched with a sale at your list store and another good deal comes up in which that same coupon could be used--you won't have to figure it out yourself. They will list the coupon again with a little + symbol so you know it might have been used already. You get a 2nd chance to save the money.

This is particularly helpful to me because I no longer pre-clip and sort my coupons. Although I had made a nice binder/organizer for coupons earlier I found it is easiest for me to just leave my coupons in the newspaper inserts and clip them when I need them. Since I don't pre-sort anymore I wouldn't know that there is a coupon I might have unless GG tells me. When I don't use a coupon for some reason I can get a 2nd chance if another good sale comes along! Since I don't go to my list stores every week--this is a win/win for me! Another plus is that I have arthritis in my fingers so all the clipping I do now is what I really will use instead of cutting and making my hands sore over coupons I don't even end up using.

Further explanation of how I now store my coupons--

Coupons come in Sunday's paper in inserts. In my paper here in Charlotte I usually get 2 or 3 inserts per week. I get a Smart Source, a Red Plum and possibly also a P&G Saver insert.

I take the inserts out and use a sharpie market to mark each one with the date big and bold. I then put them in piles with my older ones, separated by which insert company it is.

I have inserts right now that date back as far as mid June which is when I quit using my binder/organizer. The binder is being used for other purposes now so I didn't waste money here. ;)

Each Sunday I get my Grocery Game lists online, choosing which items I might want to buy and printing it out. I then take out my inserts and GG tells me which insert by name and date to look in for coupons to go with the sales. Easy Peasy!

Today I could have gotten 2 deals on tissue for cold season--coming up. Well I found that the sale at my drug store ( I use Right Aid, because it is most convenient to me) when matched with coupons would have gotten me boxes of tissue for 82 cents each--or 63% off of the regular price at that store. BUT--my Harris Teeter had a different name brand of tissue on sale and when matched with coupons there (they double them) the deal came out to 56 cents a box or 69% off their regular price. The boxes were about the same size so I am going with the HT deal this week and stocking up. I have 2 coupons so I am getting 6 boxes of tissue to put in my 'stash' for winter. I won't get any tissues this winter that aren't discounted in price, I will buy ahead until I think I have enough--maybe one more deal like this will be enough. Then I'll stop.

I know some folks keep going and stockpile more than they need, but I think when you get past what you reasonably will use-- that's hoarding not saving. I'm a 'semi' gal. moderation you know. :) Yes, I know that tissue was cheaper last winter. If I'd saved more boxes I would have enough for this year--but space costs money too. I don't have a big house nor do I want one, nor do I want to feel as if my house is a warehouse. Just look at hurricane photos and think a minute--how would you feel if you filled your house with more than you need and it was all wiped out? No thanks.

Anyhow I just clip my coupons and then put the inserts away til next week and don't think about them again. Works well and is easy and with GG's new service even better!


  1. I just had a vision of a house with swollen, wet toilet paper flowing out it's windows post hurricane...a large stockpile of yet unused toilet paper in a hoarders house!!! LOLOL. That vision is worthy of a sketch!!!
    I'm with you...I only buy what I need.

  2. Well... I do keep a pantry and a small chest freezer. But I don't go over a few months worth of supplies at once. I know prices keep rising--stored stuff is money in the bank... but-- what happens when you find out you're moving again or a storm like that as we said. I was worried when we almost got a taste of a tropical storm here a couple weeks ago cuz my little freezer is stuffed-- what if the electric went out?? time to 'eat it down'.