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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lovely September! Morning in Pokeberry

Looking out the window here. I just came in from doing a bit of watering around the carport patio. Its a gorgeous morning! 79' and a clear blue sky and gentle breeze. I have so much going on for a Sunday-- laundry that has piled up the past several days and all that. I'm off work the next several days which is nice.

Hubby and I discussed allergy tests again and I've decided not to do that. I don't believe I have a serious problem or my biopsy would have been worse. We think what needs to be done is I should keep a diary of what I eat and any symptoms then look back it in a month or two and see where there are commonalities in flares. Seems reasonable--and free.

The problem with allergy testing is that allergies change and often things that you may be allergic to or sensitive to on a test don't really bother you. So I'm looking at it from a common sense perspective. I don't 'flare up' all the time and sometimes I am sure it is more stress than diet. I also know that the more veggies and fruit I eat the better I feel so I am definitely upping that.

Outside right now I am taking in the gorgeous peachy/orange double blooms of a hibiscus my frugal friend Cindy gave me this week. I've given her quite a few plants from my collection for her yard. Her entire yard needs planting as it is a new construction and the 'dirt' is incredibly rocky. There's almost no shade either. So I gave her my baby magnolia tree which one day will be 25 feet high and provide lots of shade and several pampas grass plants which will keep the kids next door from trampling on her rock garden. It makes a pretty formidable hedge once it gets going. Pampas grass gets huge and thick and the grass blades are like razors-- you don't want to be running into it. Anyhow she was out shopping and saw a huge clearance sale and ended up with almost $100 worth of plants for $10. She knew that they were all things you could overwinter if you took a little care so she scooped them up and joyfully gave me a nice big pot of hibiscus and a whole flat of snapdragons! Frugal friends are the best. :)

I have so much to do this week! We're thinking of running down to Florida to visit hubby's folks next weekend as I have 4 days off in a row and they just bought a new house they want us to come see, plus they have some stuff for us that they don't need anymore. So this week I want to pot up some succulents and start propagating more groundcover plants. I have phlox, sedums, creeping jenny, lots of sedums and echiverias and such like, and lamb's ear ... and.... etc that I would like to divide and/or take cuttings of and just make multiples of for next year. I want to make the bed surrounding the carport patio all drought tolerant heat loving plants--mainly succulents and herbs. To do that I need more plants. I also want to add more color and form out under the trees in the front yard. For that I am growing baby shrubs and ground covers mainly. Pretty soon I want to also plant some bulbs and start some holly cuttings. Always busy!

Meanwhile I have work to do on a wiki project for the library system and I want to do some sewing for my future grand-daughter. My daugher in law would like to have a baby carrier to wear, the sort made of fabric that you can re-arrange any way you like to carry the baby in different ways. I've been researching the various styles and my daughter and I plan to get some fabric and try our hand at making at least one.

Another garden thing-- the veggie garden has lots of peppers starting to come ripe and there are still alot of tomatoes though most are currently green. I'm not worried I know they will ripen as we still have warm weather for a while here.

How to get all this done? Gee I don't know, but first I need groceries and clean clothes. :) Life's always good in Pokeberry, and busy. :)

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