Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thousand Dollar Chunks and Hundred Dollar Chunks..

Just thinking, I opened a few medical bills this morning and it added up to nearly a thousand dollars. This is 'after' our good insurance. Sigh.. Well the good news is I think this is the last of it from all the tests I've had this summer. Hope so anyhow. Also good news--nothing serious enough wrong that I need any new meds or surgeries or to be picking out a plot. Just enough to be annoying. I guess maybe its worth it to know that. ??

Other chunks lately, helping family on the early end of life or the latter end of life-- that kind of looms over us just now--thinking of what we can/should do to help in those areas, probably just hundred dollar chunks right now.

Then of course my car wouldn't start this morning--not to worry I think-- I think it just needs a battery or a charging. HOPE!

I did get a letter in the mail telling me the warrantee is about to expire on it and asking if I'd like to re-up. I'm not sure. Hubby does all the work on it--I don't know what the warrantee gets us. Its over 10 years old anyhow, and so far it runs pretty good--except this one time...

Well sheesh.

We're looking at a couple different options for money/housing now. One is maybe Hubby can take in some contract work as a 2nd job to try to save more $$$ for a home. Or maybe we'll still find a fixer upper to buy. Right now we're considering mobile homes again.

I have a crazy idea--what if we got a mobile for he & I and an old used RV for adult children? Can you park your college age kids in the driveway? Hmm....

Its a bit of a rainy day here, we've had lots of rain lately. Hope that means the water bill will go down. (LOL-not likely)

I was out in the garden and picked some tomatoes and peppers and made some fresh salsa for the weekend. I also have a nice big crockpot of Minestroni going-- oh boy that's gonna be good! There's pasta salad in the fridge that I made yesterday. So--all these goodies are prepared for munching. I'm working tonite and all day tomorrow. I like having a head start like that. Hubby cooks too, but I think lately he's been cooking more than me, so I was happy to do up some soup and salad to give him a break.

This weekend we may find time to go house hunting a little. We consider things we find that we can buy outright with what we've got saved up or that we could get a very small loan on and pay off quickly. So far we've been looking over a year and have almost bought 2 times. We think there is a possible thing out there for us--but that likely it will be an 'adventure' when we finally do it. Just need to keep looking. The more I think about it--unless we find a way to get up a big chunk of cash we can't buy in the neighborhood we're in. We could--but we are realizing more and more as life goes on that if we don't have to pay a big chunk for housing--we'll have more chunks left for all the other expenses of life. The thousand dollar chunks and the hundred dollar chunks. There always seems to be one around the corner. I think we both feel like we'll be happier as we are aging if we aren't always feeling pressed financially. We don't need a beautiful home--we can make something ugleee into something beautiful in time.


  1. I totally agree with you...we have a small house with a low payment and we do have money for other things, and all the CHUNKS that come along! I am so much happier than others in my family who opted for a huge expensive house, and have nearly lost their homes a few times now, and have been under financial strain for years. Good luck with your house hunting...I am praying you will find a perfect dream home in your perfect price range! :)

  2. I just think that if I had to do it over--and I was young again. I'd have stopped at the first house. We have 'owned' 3 mortgaged houses in our lives. We could have owned 2 of them outright by now. Instead--we are renting because on that last one--we didn't know unemployment and downgrading of income was coming. We expected 'more' but after 9-11 and the dotcom bubble and whatever caused it--things changed.

    If we had been content in house 1 or 2--we'd be set for life. funny. Now we can't see ourselves affording either of those again.