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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What They Don't Say is What they really Mean about Sarah Palin..

I guess I did say I'd be putting some of what I believe in here now and then, not having 2 blogs to split myself. Anyhow-- About Sarah Palin. I think the questions that are put forward--as if anyone really wanted to know-- are veiling the 'real' thoughts of the media--as if anyone doesn't know.

Nobody really minds that she is a working mom or that her teen is pregnant. What they really mind is that that she is conservative, a christian and pro-life. duh.

So really what we have aren't 'sexists' but liberals, Anti-christians and anti-life folks trying to get rid of what they can see is not a good thing for them. A woman who really does what they 'think' they have been fighting for--works and has a family.

What they are really fighting for is something different apparently. Its so obvious its almost a laughing matter, except for the mean-ness of it all.


  1. That's all well and good, except - and read this next line carefully - she's simply not qualified for the job she's applying for.

    Can you imagine her sitting in the same room with Putin? It boggles the mind.

    There are plenty of pro-life women in the Republican party who could cause someone (a Hillary supporter, say) look again at McCain. But as excited as the religious base may be about Palin, this is a bad choice because she is simply not ready.

  2. Is there something you know about her that would lead you to think she would be less able to handle Putin than Obama? Or do you wonder about him as well?

  3. Obama has spent the past 2 years in a very tough primary campaign against a well-funded and experienced opponent. He has well thought out policy positions and a views on the issues of the day that he can explain and the listener can understand. One may not agree with those positions, but he has them - and none of that is true for Palin.

  4. The thing that bothers me about Palin is that if she already knew her daugher was pregnant out of wedlock...why would she run for this position, and force her daughter to be put in the NATIONAL/WORLD spotlight, and to basically force her to marry. I can see if she wants to have the baby...but does she have to say in the same sentence as she is announcing the pregnancy that her dtr. is going to marry the father of the baby! Maybe the daughter wants to marry to escape having to be the one who has to care for her own moms baby cause she is too busy working to take care of her own 5 children! Hey...I am just talking here...but I don't think if I was proclaiming to be such a great mom (which you would hope she would be if she is
    #1 A Christian,
    #2 Having all these children,

    that she would put her daughter first and not have dragged her through all this just for her political aspirations. I am sorry, I would rather be poor on the streets and put my kids first than a rich vice president who makes her children suffer for her wants.

    Just my thoughts. I was as mad as a hornet when I heard these things
    1. She already knew her dtr was PG when she decided to accept the offer of VP nominee.
    2. She had to make a statement about what the daughter was going to do with the baby and that she is going to marry the father. PERIOD. All for her own personal gain.

    If the girl wants to have the baby, she can raise it without having to marry that boy, unless she really loves him...that is the point...I hope they LOVE each other and are not going to do the sham marriage deal just for the mom. POOOEY!

    If I am being too yappy...don't feel you have to publish this Mary. It is late and I am babbling! :)

  5. You both have been great to come visit my blog and I appreciate that and yet I know there are things we disagree about.

    I like that you've given me food for thought and that through this odd means of the internet we can get to know folks we don't necesarily agree with all the time and actually discuss things without offending each other. You don't see that on tv that's for sure. ;)

    I started to write some replies here to what Julie has said in particular and also to Moti's point. They are 2 different issues--but maybe there is a common factor in there?

    Anyhow my reply got way too long. I see that I have something to say so I will write a new post about this rather than try to respond in a comment. I'm sure I can count on you guys to tell me what you think again, Thanks!

  6. Hi Mary! You know, I thought about what I said all day today. You are right that it is actually fun to talk things through in such a non-confrontational way. I consider myself a Christian, but I also think that each person has to come to their own places themselves, and I am not one to push my views on religion/spirituality on anyone else. I'm glad we are all different and can see different viewpoints and debate things out. The one point I commented on here is probably the only thing you will ever hear me say about the election stuff!
    HUGS...Julie :)

  7. While I like Palin she is a wonderful woman and she has the potential to be a great leader I do not believe she is presidental material. I honestly think she is McCain's gimmick to try and win the election via the support of women voters. Had he offered up someone such as experience Republican Kay Hutchinson I'd probably been a bit more supportive. Palin needs more experience before she enters the white house...perhaps her own white house bid in 8 years or so. I consider myself to be a Christian also but a liberal one at that.

  8. Hi Jennifer--I wrote a new post about Sarah Palin in order to respond to the comments on this one. You're welcome to come read/respond! :)