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Friday, October 17, 2008

Blue Glory and Pink Mandevilla

I enjoyed my little walk today. I greeted an elderly gentleman who keeps a meticulous yard--he was out sweeping up walnuts from his gutter. I was on the other side of the street where the walnuts were all over the sidewalk and staining it brown. Funny how some folks bother with things like that and other don't. I like the folks on both sides of that side street, and its always nice when one of them is outside and I can just meet and greet and go about my walk.

Here in the south the folks are champions of the gentile greeting.

"Good morning!" and "How you doin'?"

I will never get over how different this is from the north! There really is such a thing as southern hospitality and it hasn't got much do with having company--its just the way they treat folks--on the street, in line at the library or a store--anyplace! People aren't so distant and leary here as they are in more sophisticated places.

I've had short friendly conversations with folks all over this area. That's one way I know a place is not good--when they don't do that--it seems to stick out like a sore thumb.

No matter where Pokeberry moves in the future I will definitely be looking for ways to be in contact with folks cuz I am addicted to that lovely custom of meeting and greeting. You feel cared for somehow when folks take time to do that. I know many of my patrons at the library by name and though I don't know a thing about their lives it makes me happy to think that they truly enjoy coming in and getting that little bit of a 'good to see you' feeling. There's a sort of 'southern comfort' in having someone just say, "Hi Jack, how are you doing?" or "Good Morning Karl!"

Back to my walk... This morning I saw some pretty things. The photos above are from my own carport~patio area. The blue morning glory grows up the posts that hold the roof over the carport. I clustered pots of flowers at the bottom. The pink is a mandevilla vine, its a tropical vine that blooms from spring into fall. I had one last year and brought it inside for winter and took cuttings. The pink flower above is from one of my cuttings. Now I have about 6 of these that need to be over-wintered in the house. If we move--I would love to build a small green house cuz there's not room for all the tropical things I'd like to over-winter in the house! I do have a bit of a plant problem. ;)

The coleus and purple heart planting is just one of several. I started cuttings from one small purple heart plant last spring and I added 5 $1. clearance pots of coleus a couple months ago. I will keep all of these or cuttings of them over winter too. Next year I should have plenty of colorful foliage for Pokeberry Garden--wherever it is. :)

Just as I got in I thought it was seeming muggy and decided to close the house up and use the a/c for just a little while-- to 'clean it' when it gets muggy my asthma acts up and the mold and dust in the air just 'smells bad' to me. While I was closing windows it began to rain--perfect timing. ;) You can't ask for a better fall day off of work.

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  1. We noted how nice people were in north Florida...compared to south! Can't wait to retire there!!! Love your coleus blogger header!!!