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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Debate Let Down

I think the one thing I never was real crazy about with President Bush is that he never seemed able to really articulate his position well enough to get the folks on his side. After watching the debate tonite I think I can say--this is McCain's biggest flaw as well. I hate to say it, but I would not enjoy listening to his 'voice' --the way he speaks and presents his ideas-- for the next 4 to 8 years.

I understand some of his basic ideas--some of his ideas are basic conservative ideas--others are not. But what bugs me is that, like George Bush, everyday average folks sitting watching the tv could voice the arguments better!! YUK.

Palin has a voice that I think we haven't heard the last of. I think she also has a clearer grasp of what I need to hear.

Obama--I will give it to him--is a good speaker and perhaps will be a good leader. I don't like the direction he wants to go, but on the other hand at least I'll be able to understand what he is saying without having to fill in my own blanks all the time.

I am saddened. I didn't vote for McCain in the primary--partly because the decision was made before my state got to vote--that should clearly be changed--so unfair--but also mainly because he is not the one I would have chosen. I was leaning toward Romney at the time--though not all the way convinced on him either.

Back in the primary season, The Dems were talking about how Michigan and Florida might or might not count-it being unfair-sheesh! We never had a shot at all here. Our party decided McCain had won before half the country even voted. Crazy.

In any case--he is a hero, he has got a long record on trying to reform government--sometimes in ways I would not agree with. He also has a record I respect in reguards to foreign policy and cutting spending.He also has a record of working with folks for many years on both sides of he aisle and getting an awful lot accomplished. Obama--has a very small record--not nearly comparable--but he has a voice. I think he is going to win.

As McCain's mom said--I'll probably have to hold my nose and vote for him, but-- I don't hold much hope for the GOP this year.

I think what we need is to find someone with conservative ideas who can talk.

How hard can that be?


  1. What a great put into writing what most people try to say...but can't quite figure out exactly about what is up with the Republican choices for Pres!!! It's weird, isn't it? Seems like out of all the people in America, they could come up with a candidate who could speak! LOL. (Well, not really). I missed the debate last night...I was over-ruled in my own house on whether to watch or not! I guess I have really heard about enough from both sides!!! I'm ready for it to be over!

  2. I think, in defense of Sen. McCain--his speaking ability may be hampered by a health issue--I kept seeing that it seemed like he must have something wrong with his jaw--but I guess that could be from the cancer or from the beatings he took--who knows. In any case--he had other problems. Throughout the debate he reminded me of the 'smart kid' in school hand up in the air going 'me, me, pick me teacher!) and then when he got his turn he'd stumble on it. Very hard to watch for me, I just think--Moti--who commented on an earlier post--has a point. Charisma can't be dismissed in a leader. This guy may have had it at some time in his career--but he sure doesn't now. When this was all staring a friend of mine and I were talking and we agreed--if they put their positions in 'writing' rather than delivering them in speeches and debates the Republicans would do better--unfortunately we live an age when everyone can you see and hear the leaders and this is not going to get it.