Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Down Deep In the Freezer...

Busy morning here in Pokeberry. Lovely fall day, 52 degrees outside but a heckuva lot colder in my little chest freezer which I just got done de-junking. Found a few jars of January 2007 chicken stock in there! LOL--I think we can toss that along with the stray french fries and really old fish.

Anyhow I got on a pair of work gloves and grabbed a big laundry basket and went digging in the freezer. I took everything out and put it back in backwards. I don't really keep a written inventory--I know folks should do that--it sure would be more cost effective--but I am not good at consistently checking that stuff off and Hubby just grabs things--so sometimes I'm not sure exactly what all is down deep in there.

I am happy to see that I'm nearly out of pork butt. I just don't like that stuff much. :( Ah well, a few more meals and its over. I do have plenty of chicken and I could use more beef in upcoming months--assuming I can afford it. I also found some sausages in there, none of our favorite chicken sausage but I did find a bit of chorizo for the soup pot. Its trash day so this was a perfect day to clean out. Our freezer is in a little room next to our back door. So I wheeled the big trash can up to the door and just started to pitch anything that looked questionable. Thankfully it wasn't too much. Most of the food in there is good, not too old and well wrapped.

I found a nice turkey breast I'd forgotten and got some meal ideas while rearranging stuff. Its a good chore to do at least a couple times each year. I seem to hit it in fall and spring--just good times for most clean out chores.

Now--I was too busy to get my soup done yesterday so I won't be able to use that leftover spaghaetti sauce, its getting past prime. However I still have some good grilled chicken and I'm adding to it--chorizo sausage, frozen tomatoes, leftover chipotle peppers, black beans, corn, cilantro (STILL fresh in my green bag! wow) a bag of frozen bell peppers I found in the freezer and some onions, garlic, fresh garden herbs. :) YUMMY! I'll just get that going probably and head to Sams club later when its near done. My daughter can keep an eye on the simmering pot.

What to top it with? Well I have some corn tortilas in the pantry I will cut those in some strips and deep fry them for a soup topping. Delicious!

I'll get that exact recipe out later on today too--hopefully--although as usual I'm just tossing it in--and expect it to be pretty darn good.


  1. For some reason, I have a mental block when it comes to cleaning out the freezer ~ I hate doing it, LOL! Mine needs to be done and this was a good reminder :)

  2. Well, todays freezer clean came of trying to find some andouilie sausage in there--turns out I had mistaken it for chorizo. I guess we used that other stuff. :)