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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Health Care Thoughts...

I'm thinking about this. I don't think I'm happy with what I've heard of either candidates positions on health care. I will say though it seems like they both throw out so many ideas on this and on the economy and fuel --it seems if you were to plot them all on the same graph you have darn near the same thing coming from both of them.

I vote conservative, which folks who've been here know. Still I like folks period and I don't think political views should divide people--though I don't mind the odd argument here and there.

McCain is not really conservative in my mind-but I'm not always sure that a pure conservative is a good idea. I think its probably a good thing that there is a mix in the system and lots of checks and balances and that it all gets thrown up in the air now and then. I would really dislike a pure liberal to me that is so close to communism/socialism I don't know why they don't just say so. On the other hand-- pure conservatism would expect folks to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and I have to say--some of us don't have any. That's just a fact.

Health care is an area that NOBODY can afford in this country--not if you get all the stuff that outs there now. My own prescriptions are very pricey--I'm glad my insurance helps out but I still pay a healthy chunk every month for them. What happens if more are added or Hubby starts to need something?

I feel so bad for my frugal friend that I call my 'little friend'. Her son had a procedure this week and it looks like he has just tons more of the polyps her family gets. He is so young and his debts so high he can't go to school or support himself--and its really due to his health. Not fair. Life isn't fair I know and accept that.

But--even as a Conservative I can't help but think a country like ours--the beacon on the hill needs to do something better for immigrants and for folks who need affordable healthcare. I don't blame folks in places like Mexico and many other countries for sneaking in here--maybe in some ways I agree with McCain more than my usual conservativeness wants to admit. I don't like to see folks rounded up and tossed out of the land of plenty, nor do I like to see folks broken by the cost of health care.

Now--the other question is do I trust Obama with this? No. I don't see any evidence that his record is even remotely related to his popularity as a candidate. He just really hasn't done much at all. Its very weird to me to see this guy apparently winning on nothing but charisma.

I kept my politics 'semi-quiet' the past week or so but of course I still think.

I hope nobody is ever offended by who I am or what I say here, folks have different ideas and in general I like folks--even when I don't get thier ideas.


  1. Maybe you want to rethink the idea that Obama is "nothing but charisma." I'm voting for him because his ideas, his temperament and his judgment are appropriate to the moment. He does have leadership skills (what you dismiss as charisma) but that is not a bad thing, as we can see from its absence in McCain. Others are voting for him because of the bankruptcy of conservative ideas (especially on the economy) and the way they've driven this country into a ditch.

    You don't want to vote for Obama, don't vote for him, but you're missing the historical moment and thinking far too little of millions and millions of people if you dismiss him as nothing but an empty suit. You couldn't be more wrong.

  2. yah well, Moti, you know--that's where we disagree. I'm not dismissing anyone though. Do you mean blacks? Cuz I don't see that Republicans dismiss blacks at all. Historical moments need to be based on something more than race. As for his ideas--they're your kind of ideas, shrug--he's pretty much a stock liberal politician. What is it folks find so fascinating-other than his looks?