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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hoarding VS Stockpiling Revisited

I have written on this topic sporadically and it always seems to come back to my attention. I see so many cases of folks just way over filling their lives and homes with stuff. Yesterday when we went to see that mobile home we were considering buying, I posted about the massive amount of stuff the deceased residents had piled into ever nook and cranny over the years. They've been gone two years and their family still hasn't been able to make a dent in getting rid of the junk. How awful!

There are others I've seen do this. Recently we were down in Florida and visited our in-laws. They just purchased a home from a couple that sold their home 'as is' with all the furnishings and all the supplies. The wife is ill and they have moved back up north to their home state. Well--my mom-in-law loaded up my car with stuff. She has also had alot of stuff carted away by the 'junk people' who I think made out like bandits. The house was stuffed with stuff--just like that mobile we saw. The owner had probably a year's worth of kleenex among a host of other things.

I'm thinking back to my Gramma. When she was alive she used to give us back our gifts. I was a little offended sometimes--especially when I had given her something hand made. She kept insisting, "Here, Mary Lou, take this home with you" in her famiar Milwaukee~Polish accent. I would say, "I just gave it to you!" She would insist--she simply did not need anything or have room for it.

Well-- at the time it seemed odd to me. But she was in her mid-80s and when she died finally at 90 it took all of a few hours for the family to deal with her stuff. The funeral was actually a cheery affair with everyone remembering her sense of humor more than anything else. Almost no tears present.

A good life lived can sometimes also be a good life ended. Gramma died in a funny way too. She always used to sneeze--3 times in a row. Very tidy of her to make that a habit. :) She went shopping one day with her sisters and sat down in a fancy department store on a bench, sneezed 3 times and went to Heaven. Not one bit of mess was left behind--her life was even on her last day as consistently neat and simple as her rubberband drawer.

Oh may we all learn not to store up our treasures on earth where moth and rust do corrupt and insteaad, like Gramma store them up in Heaven where nothing can touch them. :)

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