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Friday, October 31, 2008

Home in Pokeberry Today

I'm taking a little break just now. I've been outside and done some leaf blowing with an electric leaf blower Hubby bought 2nd hand from a friend. It takes a while to do the job with that-- I think the gas ones are more powerful--but things do look better, so that's something. I came in afterward and washed the kitchen floor with pinesol so now I have a little sinus going on... its kind of pine-solly smelling in here. Its a nice sunny fall day, 54' currently. I took extra time with the front porch as we will have trick or treaters tonight! I'm looking forward to that, I bought my candy wiht coupons on sale of course a couple weeks ago so I'm ready. I'm throwing in whatever is left of small chocolates we got for Christmas that nobody has eaten-- a good time to dejunk that--I've had a bit of it recently it is fine--we just don't eat much candy here.

After washing the kitchen floor I also did the two little bathroom floors and vacuumed my bedroom and the hallway and the runners I use. I still need to finish the living room. I like to have floors and the ground outside swept, vacuumed or mopped once a week--I can't always get it done weekly but I manage it most weeks. The thing about it is that it makes me feel good plain and simple. Working on simple tasks like that clears the mind of anxiety as well as making the home nicer. When I'm done cleaning the floors I usually dump my water on the porch steps-- sometimes on the front ones, sometimes on the back. Today it was the front. Helps to make it nicer for trick or treat. :) While I was at these chores I also stopped and cleaned the glass in the front and back doors. All nice and tidy now and I am ready to set a spell.

I've been thinking back to our old plan B-- the idea of buying a rental property with our savings rather than buying something we personally want to live in. Somehow I think we may end up going down that road again. Its just hard to find something we can afford that we want to live in--we need a garage, we need extra rooms for grown kids who keep coming & going and most of all we need location near our jobs and 'safe'--which is important in Charlotte. But-- perhaps our money could at least be doing something while we are waiting-- I don't know. So much to do to look into all these things.

I am content in the place I'm in--I would be ok even with a smaller front yard--especially on days I try to blow the leaves--wow--that's alot of leaves! (They will keep coming now until almost January.) The only problem is--we can afford this house now--the rent. We won't be able to afford this much of a payment when we are older--or if a job loss comes along again. We need to think ahead.

Dreams come and go, some stick. Always something going on here in Pokeberry.

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