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Saturday, October 11, 2008

How Bad Could A Mobile Be?

Having looked at a few of the low priced old singlewide trailers on land that are available within driving distance of Charlotte NC, Hubby and I set about our adventure this morning with one question--asked with a sort of shrug of shoulders--as we were getting ready to go..

How bad could it be?

We've seen some stuff. I say that with a combination of a chuckle, a little disbelief, which became more like belief--as seeing is believing--and a good amount of 'wow, that's really bad' and 'I don't get why folks live like this'.

I'm ok with rednecks and hillbillys. I'll put that forward right now. From what I've seen, there are folks who just have unique priorities in life. They're not bad folks generally speaking but maintaining a home and yard is not important to them. Period.

You can tell. You drive up and see the pile of junk before you get anyplace near the house. The dogs are pretty ragged looking and there are usually alot of them. Some guy with long hair and no shirt lives enroute and will be on the porch scratching. There may or may not be a blood-hound or mixed hound of some sort sitting on a lawn chair near the front door. There must be a car up on blocks, several old campers and car parts nearby too. We're used to seeing this sort of thing. My son once described a piece of furniture in one backyard we saw as a 'birthing couch'. He was not 'for' buying that place.

Anyhow--we've been in and out of some interesting places in our quest the past couple years to buy a house or something you could live in--for cash.

Its been a hoot.

Today we were thinking what would be the worst?

Well-- we may have found it.

First we heard the story-- it was really hard to listen to this without showing too much thought or emotion. Gramma & Grampa lived here. She obviously liked ceramics as you cannot find a spot that isn't filled with some kind of ceramic--mostly cows. There is junk pretty much floor to ceiling and over most of the yard and the decks. The campers on the property also contain floor to ceiling junk as well as the shed/storage building.

Grampa was a hoarder who also enjoyed making planters out of tires. (one of my favorite southern lawn art/junk ornaments--which Hubby cannot quite 'get'.) Anyhow Grampa had one small dog that stayed in the house, but he has a collection of brand new dog ties next to his shoe string collection. He collected the old single serving jello pudding cups that apparently once held what was Gramma's main diet. Gramma, was a diabetic and lost both of her legs. I thought--oh my--I'm envisioning poor legless, probably toothless Gramma living in this mess eating diet pudding. I hope she's in heaven that's all I could think.

Anyhow-- its a nice big piece of land with some very interesting areas for gardening and all that. We just don't know though. The entire thing needs to be cleared of junk and the mobile is small, but has some character-- though it would need to be also completely emptied, bleached and then I guess painted and carpeted--probably more than that. Also apparently Sis lives down the road and has tapped into the well... hmm....

Gramma & Grampa have both been gone now for at least 2 years and yet the place is still full to the brim with junk--including Gramma's king size water bed. (?)

I like the tire planters anyhow. There are 2 decks that look like they are sturdy though they do need powerwashing and painting. I think all in all--the problem is the trash and junk. Its like --wow. Wow.. oh my wow.

I've seen some junk-- but this is a heckuva lot of junk.

Makes me think-- I don't know. Are the kids to blame for letting the old folks live like this? Or are the old folks to blame for leaving their kids such a mess?


Anyhow the son says he knows its a challenge. I said, "Well, we're looking for a challeng, but not I'm not quite sure how much of one."

What's weird is--we're even thinking about this.

I did not see a birthing couch though--so that's something anyhow.

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  1. Oh my are so funny! Glad the old birthin couch was not there anywhere you could see!!! LOLOL!!!

    Hey...maybe it could be fixed up fairly easily after getting it all cleared out. Would you have to move in right away, or have a month or two to get it all cleaned up??? I'm kinda envisioning a new, sexy place in no time flat here! Oh...and I have discovered Apartment Therapy blog which makes good use of small spaces! I love it for ideas!