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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Huckleberry Tea

I'm enjoying a nice hot cup of huckleberry tea before I run off to work. I'm thinking of my friend out in Seattle who spent the day at the big market there with me and bought me this delicious tea as a gift. It came from Market Spice of Redmond WA and we found it in a little shop at the Market in Seattle.

I had another lovely reminder of our trip west this morning when my daughter-in-law out in Idaho sent me an email with a photo of herself with a growing tummy. :) Our little Ruby is apparently coming along just fine! Something sweet and wonderful to look forward to this winter!

My youngest son who recently moved up to Milwaukee called last night and expressed his regret that he hadn't given Charlotte more of a chance. It seems he has realized that he misses us and that the folks around here are friendlier and the weather much warmer than where he is now. A little bit of homesickness I think. Perhaps someday he will find his way back down here,where he was his dad's right hand man all his life, but for now he has a good job and a shot at being a supervisor--which was his 'good news'. Its good for him to spread his wings for the first time, but I do miss him and my oldest son out in Idaho too.

I'll be going up to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving and seeing my side of the extended family for the first time in 2 years, as well as my son in Milwaukee. That will be great. I'll have to wear my boots and my 'Fargo-coat' which is a down filled monstrosity that I barely need here. I've kept it for trips mainly.

Hubby and I have been talking about the 'place that wasn't' the land and mobile home we were considering buying, that ended sold to someone else. I don't know what to think really. I'm not bothered at not buying that place, perhaps something else will come up. Perhaps we need to keep saving I think if we waited 3 years we might actually be able to buy something in this neighborhood--maybe even this very house. Of course that is assuming nothing happens to our savings. I still have these little thoughts that I ought to withdraw it all and bury it out by my tomatoes. ;) Maybe that won't be so funny in the days to come?? I have no idea.

In any case you can only live in the now, not in the past or the uncertain future. So back to what's on my plate today-- going to work and perhaps getting some designs made for a nice embroidery project this evening. :) Thinking good things here in Pokeberry!

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