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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If You Don't Want to Pay for Grocery Game--What Else Works Well?

Grocery Game has been good to me, but it does have 2 drawbacks--one is price. There are other coupon/sale/deal websites that are free. I have links to some in my sidebar. The other drawback, as I see it, is that you must wait til Sunday to get the list and that you must pay extra to get more than one list.

I've begun to look a little more closely at what some of the other online coupon/sale/deal websites are offering. They seem to be growing and expanding and although none of them do all that GG Does free--some are getting closer.

Right now I have linked to a few sites on my sidebar to assist coupon users. If I were to rank them today--I would say that Grocery Game is still the #1 do it all for you website--however you must pay for this service.

Coupon Mom I think is #2--especially because you can easily click to find deals for some stores in your area matched with coupons. This website offers much more, it is worth exploring even if you use GG--but it is not as comprehensive as GG and does not cover as many stores. GG also has the most complete help for using the major drug stores. Coupon Mom lists Target deals however as well as deals for some other stores. Therefore I rate it #2--if you don't want to pay for this service I think it is the number 1 free service--that I am aware of.

My Grocery Deals is improving, but right now is mainly effective for comparing deals on a particular item across a variety of stores in your area at one particular time. I put them 3rd at this time--they may go further we'll see.

Another link I have is to Kyles Coupons, This is not really the same sort of thing so I am not rating it--its just useful for finding deals on products you need--not so much groceries, but if you need to buy something you can look at this site and see if there is a coupon code that might save you money. I saved 20% last week on a baby item by checking at this site!

There are other coupon/saving/deal websites--these are just some that I have linked to at this time. Eventually I may have more of them on my sidebar, I'll try to write if I find significant new changes at one of them in the future. I do think that My Grocery Deals is worth keeping an eye on because I think they are on to something there--they have a different approach--and do the one thing GG doesn't do--compare the cost of an item right now to its cost at other stores in your area. That is one thing GG doesn't do.

Right now as I said:

Grocery Game--number one for services--but it costs money
Coupon Mom--number two for services--but its free!
My Grocery Deals--number 3 for services--and free!

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