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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Looking Deeper Into the Dream.. What's it Gonna Cost? What Do I Get for That?

Well my tasks today are to get some ballpark info on what it might cost us to clear the land and buildings on that acre and a half we looked at last Saturday. I need to know what it costs to rent a huge dumpster and how much to have it emptied a few times. I also need to find out what folks who do this sort of labor would charge should we opt to have someone else do the work. I also need to call and find out how much the kind of gravel we would need for the long driveway costs per truck load, delivered and if they spread it or do we have to? If they don't spread it I need to have some idea what it will cost to rent a machine that would do this sort of job.

I also need to find out what the actual zoning is on this land--can we build on it while the original mobile is still in place? Can more than one home be on that particular lot if we chose that option? What restrictions are there concerning businesses and animals--just in case I decide I'd like some chickens.;)

The more information I have the easier it will be for Hubby and I to make a decision--do we want to do this or not?

Once this decision is made-- the 2nd one--what is the most we are willing to pay for this property? Are we willing to pay all we have? How should we discuss it with the owner--what do we think is a fair price if we have to clear the land, and what is a fair price if they have to clear it?

How much of a cash cushion will we have in case there are problems we don't already know about that will need further expense--what could go wrong and how much could it cost?

I also would like to know what it costs to have a used doublewide trailer moved and set up-- is this something we might want to try if we found one that someone needed to get off their land? Is it too pricey to do now?

I don't work til evening today so I can do my little bit of research and give Hubby some numbers to think about by email. He is looking in to what his bonus this year might be--as they usually have some idea by this time of year--however this year--boy all bets are off aren't they?

Lots to look into. The more I know though the better our position is.

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