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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Looking for La' venture..

When our oldest boy was little he sometimes mispronounced some things. One I can recall is his rendition of 'Born to Be Wild' in which he sang out "Looking for La-venture" instead of 'adventure. ;) Ever since then when that song comes to my mind it comes in the Scotty Version. (He was Scotty before he grew up and became J. Scott.

Well this morning as I get going around here and thinking of the things I need to accomplish and put a little bit of thought into that piece of property we're looking at--do I dare to imagine a little--imagine myself digging in the ground and not having to either leave a planting behind or lose it next time we move--will this really be my own home? Its not a done deal yet--but things are progressing. :) This will be move 5 in 5 years! And again we are downsizing--that has been our course, a smaller home each time. But this time we get the land.

I drove out there yesterday just for a moment after work. I wanted to see how long the drive would be. There is a section of road that will be slow going--and I am not a fan of traffic--but thankfully its not a long section and the drive all totaled is doable to my current job--it might sometimes be 5 or 10 minutes longer, but not always.

South Carolina has much better conditions for folks--in some ways. They do not provide as many services as Charlotte--don't have all the fancy bells and whistles of a big city. But the place we are looking at is near enough to Charlotte to make it possible to work in that area and visit the bells and whistles if we feel like it. The taxes are far far lower, it is easier to register cars as well. Our son has had a problem registering his car here, and our other son did as well and ended up selling it before he moved. In Charlotte you pay to register your car, you pay to have it pass inspection and emissions and then you pay yearly to renew the registration and pass inspection again--and you pay property tax annually on your car!! Its like a 3x tax just to own a car.

Anyhow thats what it takes to live in the big city.

I will miss our neighborhood but the neighborhood where we hope to move is also quiet and tree lined. It is more woodsy as each yard is about an acre. Some of the housing is houses, some are mobiles--singlewide and doublewide. Most are in good shape--the one we are buying is probably the worst one in the area--so we can only improve it. ;) And it was cheap. :)

There is an elderly man on one side, that I saw in his yard and young couple with a baby on the other side, they appear to be starting out with a landscape business--which is a good business in this area. You work hard but there is usually work--cuz folks often hire someone else to do the mowing and blowing and moving of things. This area can be very hot in summer and much of it is hilly so it is often easier to hire someone else to cut the grass when it is 90s and humid and the front yard has a steep incline. Many a young man around here has begun a landscaping business and prospered. My personal preference--when I own a home is to do away most of the mowing. I would rather have plantings and paths than a lawn.

The nice thing too about a place with low taxes and maybe a little less services is that you CAN start your own business without a huge layout and without being punished when you finally start to earn a little bit. You can also build your own home or garage without having to jump through a thousand million hoops. I know of folks in California with one acre lots in gated communities--they must hire a gardener to do their plantings and they must have even the flowers they put in the ground approved by the home owners association. Forget that! I will grow Poke salet and sunflowers and watermelon right at the curb if I feel so inclined. Who needs that kind of pricey lifestyle with the corresponding lack of freedom? Picture perfect is such a trap. I want to live my life not live in a photo layout.

I don't need perfect, I don't trust it and I don't want to live beneath its rigid rules.

To me the new place will be an adventure and exciting to do--because it will be ours and we can do within reason just about anything we like there. It is even zoned so that we can have a small business--my backyard nursery? We shall see. :)

Daring to think a little ahead I can hear it in my head...

"Lookin' for la-venture and whatever comes our way!"

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