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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pressure Canner or Y membership...?

Well I can get a pressure canner--if I content myself to embroider with supplies I already own--which means probably not do Mountmellick,but maybe some silk work or hardanger or canvas work--and if I also content myself to wait until January for the Y membership. In January the Y is having one of those membership drives where they drop the $100 joining fee.

The pressure canner I think would be a good thing to have. Since Hubby is obviously quite anxious to learn more about canning he could practice on my my homemade soups and on some of the meats in our freezer over the winter--thus be ready to deal with the harvest by next summer and fall. I've had a couple of pressure canners over the years, but when the kids were small it was hard to find time especially since we home schooled. Now however I am still only working 19 hours a week and that seems slow to change. I am thinking--well if I'm at home I need to use the time profitably. I'm also thinking--he really is 'for' doing this and willing to help --and apparently he got a kick out of his first solo water bath canning venture.

I think--pressure canning means we could do batches of things like beans. Most dry beans double or more than double in yield when hydrated and can be pressure canned. We could make our own convenience foods. Hmmmm... interesting.

I think I like the idea of small batch canning--but on the other hand--if you are going to do all that work--you might as well do a bigger batch.

Well I'm looking at the various canners out there and prices and features and thinking about it. As romantic as the notion of mountmellick embroidery is right now--I do have all the supplies for a new hardanger piece--so why invest in more?

A good canner would be an investment for a lifetime--which I think would cost less than one weeks groceries. Maybe we could eat from the pantry/freezer and not shop a week or two--in which case we'd never even miss that amount.

There are always ways to finagle within the budget. :)

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  1. Of course if I wait til January for the Y membership--I'll only be a few months from using our pool again--maybe I don't really need a Y membership? Maybe I just need to keep walking and add some more stretching and weight exercises. We'll see.