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Monday, October 20, 2008

A Side Effect of the Economy--Are More Women Coming Home?

I was thinking about how my hours were cut--every part part time position at the library was cut to 38 hours per 2 week pay period last year. It certainly changes things, but I'm fortunate that this time Hubby is working and so far things look ok in his company.

This week my mom was forced to take what she calls a 'leave of absence' from her job as a realtor. We are pretty sure its going to be permanent but she would like to hope not. Mom gets social security and doesn't want to work full time anymore, but she was counting on being able to at least work part time. Now because of the economy and the bad housing market her boss has raised all the monthly fees the realtors have to pay and lowered the services they get for those fees. She cannot afford to work. She has to sell her condo and find something she can live in on social security. She told me this is the first time she's been out of work in 30 years. Her condo is going on the market this week.

My sister has been managing a massage school for many years, that business is closing in a few months and she will also be out of work--except that she will continue to do some massages from home, she will no longer be getting the paycheck that has kept her family afloat.

My dear friend Audrey from WA State told me yesterday that she and her husband are getting part time jobs as their business is starting to struggle in this economy.

Things are certainly effecting folks.

One thing Audrey and I talked about is cutting costs. Both of us do all sorts of gymnastics to get our grocery budgets in the low range. Audrey would like a greenhouse (me too) Her problem is a short unpredictable growing season and she'd like to be able to have more fresh foods. My reasons have more to do with starting seeds and cuttings and overwintering tropicals.

When I just posted about canning and freezing I thought--you know-- women may come back to doing more of that sort of thing in the future. I checked ebay for canners and found most of them are bid up to the point that I am not sure they couldn't be bought for less from the manufacturers. Apparently alot of folks are canning these days. Interesting.

Maybe we're in for a sort of counter-revolution here?

I don't know. We shall see.

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