Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thanks but No Thanks... I Think..

I guess we will pass on the mobile we looked at yesterday. The overwhelming mess is one thing-but the size of the home was very small too. Even after having dejunked our own stuff a few times we still would have to get rid of about 1/2 our own stuff to fit in the house.

Part of us really wants to get this done soon--find something-- because we don't like the way the economy is and think it would be better to have our nest egg safely nested in a nest--rather than in a bank. The other part of us is saying--well--we aren't ready maybe--we like the way we are living now--if there were a way to buy the house we are in now--that would be so ideal. But-- more $$ than we have, or will have for some years.

Patience can be hard, especially in a time of uncertainty.

I feel bad about that place. It was a little funny, I mean I did make a bit of a joke of it in my post yesterday, but really --its not funny. I think its just an awful thing really. I want to ride in on a white horse and 'fix it all' rescue the cute little house from the mess all around and garden up the land til its like a fairy land--but its so much work. Do I really need an acre of land or more? Do I really need to do so much work for a place that won't likely increase in value?

I could 2nd guess myself into eternity--but really it only took one of us to say --
No. I was the one. Hubby fell in behind me and said, Yah, I don't want it either.

Maybe the next thing?


  1. What about buying it just for the land...charge them for the cleaning up part (deduct from the price) only what the land is worth (the mobile home isn't worth anything)...and then find a suitable used mobile home and just move it onto the property! It would work...if you like the land peice! Chances are they would take a much lower bid just to get out of it!!!

  2. Well.. that is still on our minds a little bit. The thing is though the price they are asking is already less than the tax value. We would offer even less I think--so I don't know. I think these poor folks just really need to clean this mess up. I doubt they have the inclination or means to do the job--so it would be up to us--and I am not so keen on it right now. It may come back up in our minds later on--I don't think it will be off the market for quite a while. We'll see.