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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thinking in Terms of 10/10/10 in Decision Making

Hubby spoke to someone about our having trouble deciding to buy or not to buy the mobile on land I brought up this weekend. This person said think of it in terms of 10/10/10.. How will it effect your life in 10 days, 10 months and 10 years.

Well I guess that's another way to think.

In 10 days-- just mainly doing research I think--finding out zoning, how to go about the dealing and the transaction/closing, finding out what the ballpark figures would be for clean up and also what it might cost to move a larger mobile there--if we chose do do so.

In 10 months--probably alot of work--cleaning up, fixing up, possibly some building--and a move.

In 10 years--well by that point in time I do think the property will have increased in value and we would be settled there with no payments for some time-- probably enjoying it.

Interesting thoughts.

I am looking further at this I guess. We have been back and forth on this. I guess its still on our minds. There are some overwhelming negatives--but we have figured out solutions for them. Still thinking. Sometimes decisions are tough to make.

I probably seem erratic I suppose. I was thinking that, what do you do in a situation where its hard to call? You need to be considering all sides and sometimes you just sleep on it and sometimes you change your mind. Once we commit--there will be no going back and its important to be sure we're ready to do that.


  1. I wonder if there is a business in the area that could clear the property off for you. Could you entice the sellers to clear it all out for an extra amt. of other words you would pay much less if they dont clean it out and then you pay the clean up company with the money!!!

    I am still thinking you may find, with more could be for you! You never know! But don't listen to me!!! LOL. That would be dangerous! xoxo

  2. Hi Julie--yes those are items on my to-do list. to find out what it would actually cost to clear the mess away and to also bring in some gravel for the driveway which is a hill and has a pretty deep rut. Also--definitely the price we are willing to pay is going to be based on what we have to do. I'm not sure I want to pay the asking price however--even if its pristine. In this economy we do need a bargain--and we need to have some of our money left for the things we don't know are coming next.

    I'm still back and forth on it. Apparently neither hubby nor I have been able to just put it aside--so I am going to start looking into things more tomorrow.