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Friday, November 14, 2008

Aldis Sticker Shock!

Wow my short list was pricier than I expected today at Aldi. I did get a good deal on butter at $1.99 so I put several in the freezer. I won't be back there for a longer time than usual I think. In looking at the prices and doing the math in my little brain--which is admittedly a little inadequate--I think its not so good a deal as it used to be. I used to be able to load a cart there for $50. Today I spent over $6o!! and didn't really buy that much. I did get a 'treat' a 6 pack of Mexican beer. I use 1 bottle to make pizza dough and Hubby & I split the rest--this makes Pizza night far less pricey than take out or eating out.

I've got my pizza dough ingredients in the breadmaker, I'll turn it on in a couple hours to have a nice dough ready before Hubby gets home.

I used to think Aldi had a great deal on bell peppers--now I'm not so sure.. I think except for that exceptional butter price I could have gotten most of this stuff for less at regular grocery stores if I hit the right sales.

A sign of the times though, while I was in line a man who looked to be about retirement age inquired about jobs. One of the managers informed him that they had about 200 people come in the last few days and apply and were not taking applications at the moment but he could go apply at a different store. 200 folks looking to be a cashier at Aldi! Wow. They do pay decent for grocery work--I had thought more than once of applying there myself.

Sure puts things in perspective to watch retired folks line up for jobs.

Another ominous bit of news, this morning our local paper here in Charlotte had some headlines about the Wells Fargo/ Wachovia takeover. Looks like at least 5 of the top Wachovia execs are going to be out of work. Of course this is going to multiply in the future. Losing big paying jobs in Charlotte trickles down to hurt all kinds of businesses. Uptown Charlotte is all about banking-- either you are in banking or you are serving bankers. Pain seems destined to come here.

Well, here comes the rain, I think, having done my shopping and started step one for dinner I may take a bit of a nerve calming nap.

Wonder what I'll find out later about that house.... hmmm.

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