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Monday, November 17, 2008

Can I Pick 'Em or What? Healthy Grocery Store..

I've written alot on this blog about the grocery stores I've visited in the Charlotte area. For a while I was just outright discouraged. I've learned some things--for instance if a place in Charlotte serves food- and doesn't have an A rating--RUN! Do NOT eat there. The reason I say that is that I have looked at the online health inspector information. It turns out, when a health inspector checks out a venue in Charlotte and finds a problem--they get a lower score BUT they do a quick little 'teaching moment' and then raise the score so it looks as if it was never that low! What this means is--if the place has a B or God Forbid--lower-- it is because that is the BEST they could do AFTER the inspector tried to up their score with a little talk! EGADS! When the Charlotte inspectors give your grocery store or restaurant a B-- something is really really wrong.

I learned after going in and out of a variety of stores that Harris Teeter grocery stores, while higher priced, are exceptionally clean, give great service, always have the freshest cleanest looking produce and fresh food departments and have the biggest offering of health foods, local foods, organics, and various ethnic foods. They simply are the BEST store in Charlotte. And now I have learned they are so good that a panel of experts has deemed them #3 in the whole country. Wow!!!!

Anyhow, my grocery shopping these days is at Harris Teeter more than anyplace else. Hard to do because I have all these 'semi-frugal' bones and I hate to spend more for something than I could get it for elsewhere. BUT

since I started to use Grocery Game I've been able to cut my expenses sufficiently to 'do HT'. You betcha--I will cut coupons if I get to shop at that nice place!

What's really amazing is this is a pretty small chain when you compare it with others in America, and yet it is a wonder of a store. A place I used to shop in Fargo I think was of like quality--Hornbachers--I wonder if they looked at it?

The list of the Healthiest Grocery Stores is posted at CNN's website.

Here's what is said of my personal favorite Grocery Store:

3. Harris Teeter

176 stores in the Southeast

This grocer boasts 600 varieties of fruit and veggies, with a good selection of organic and locally grown items, as well as hard-to-find nonfarm-raised seafood. But what catapulted it to third place is its breadth of healthy shopping tools. Harris Teeter's YourWellness For Life program, which was originally created to help employees choose the most nutritious foods, became available to customers in 2006.

Part of that initiative is shelf tags that clearly show the nutrients in various foods (an "excellent source of fiber" label means the item contains 20 percent or more of the recommended daily intake; a "good source of fiber" lets you know there's between 10 percent and 19 percent of the recommended daily intake). Plus, a Green Thumb Expert at every store gives hints on choosing and preparing produce.3. Harris Teeter

This is why one of my goals when I got serious about Grocery Game was to shop in better stores. I just got so sick of the mediocre to poor service in many stores in the Charlotte area--as well as the 'heebie jeebie feeling' I would get when wondering if the food was safe in many of them.

Harris Teeter has proven that it is hard work, initiative and excellence that brings success. Kudos to HT!! I love my Harris Teeter!


  1. I shop Harris Teeter too. It is by far the cleanest and the only store my son is willing to eat the Deli meat.

  2. I know what you mean, my daughter cringes if I ask her to go to any other grocery store. There's a definite difference. I'd like to see all the other stores improve--but when you visit them you can see there's quite a struggle--and mainly it does seem to be a losing battle. :(