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Friday, November 14, 2008

The Couponizer Combined with The Grocery Game a Winning Combination!

This weekend while at Harris Teeter I saw a disabled customer riding about the store during the triple coupon sale, on one of those shopping cart/scooter things. She had in hand a Couponizer. I recognized it right away as I have seen it advertised on the Couponizer website. I'd always thought it looked quite interesting, but I also didn't think it would work for my style of shopping. I think I may reconsider that however.

What I like about the couponizer is that it is a small spiral bound notebook full of pockets. It appears to be well designed and sturdy. There are other details about it that you can learn about at the website but I was most attracted by the notebook of pockets concept.

This little notebook could be the ONLY thing you need to take into the store when you shop. Cool!

I've used all kinds of 'files' and frankly when you are shopping they are ALL a pain! You can't see what you are looking for in those file pockets and if you want something you CAN see it is usually huge--like my own 3 ring binder with clear pages, or other folk's file box type arrangements--ALL are awkward in the stores, some are also weird looking which kind of puts me off too.

I admit I don't use my 3 ring organizer anymore for couponing. After trying several different methods I finally settled on just saving inserts and keeping them in a stack. I have 3 stacks currently, Redplum, SmartSource and P&G. I have them in order by date in one big pile with 3 large post it notes to divide the 3 companies.

What I've been doing lately for an in store coupon holder is a pair of clips. I put the ones that match things in my cart in one clip to have ready at the checkout, I leave the ones I don't end up using in the other clip. It works--but it isn't the easiest thing to be clipping and unclipping things in the store while looking for items. During a really good sale the stores are crowded and any time you have to pause over long to hunt up a coupon-- you end up blocking traffic and having to keep scooting out of folk's way as you thumb through things, sometimes you need to be picking coupons up that you drop as well--its a bit frustrating and too time consuming.

I was curious about The Couponizer's ease of use, so I watched this disabled woman in her little scooter--how did she manage? She had a list, so she had come prepared--as many customer do when Harris Teeter does 3x coupons. She simply opened her couponizer and left it lying on her lap as she went down the aisles, turned to the page that held the type of product she was looking at. She could usually keep it on the same page the whole time she was in one aisle! Even though she was in a scooter-cart she was less 'in the way' than me.

I was walking on my own two feet, and she was navigating the store FASTER!

I could plainly see that the Couponizer truly was as handy in the store as I had imagined it would be. Of course I would keep it open in the front of the cart, not in my lap--I'm so glad that worked so well for her though. It was great to see a handicapped person being able to manage so well in a store.

I like saving inserts as a method to keep the bulk of my coupons without having to clip every single one--this works well if you use Grocery Game like I do, or Coupon Mom like some folks do. It is possible to know ahead of time which insert you need to look in to find a coupon for a sale using these two services. BUT now - once you have clipped the coupons you plan to use--what to you do with those?

I don't like the way I've been doing it, and I do like the way The Couponizer is laid out--I'm thinking it would be a much better way to handle any clipped coupons.

Another 'fussy' thing I have been doing is to staple whatever coupons I clipped that for some reason or other didn't actually get used back into the coupon insert that they came from. This is a bit of a pain and time consuming. If I used Couponizer I could just leave those in the pockets where they'd be easy enough to check for when planning my shopping trip.

Looking at the Couponizer, as a semi-frugal gal, I figure I could make something like it myself. BUT-- I'm sure it wouldn't be as sturdy or well done. I am thinking since I do use coupons very frequently I may pop for this product.

Another thing that The Couponizer has is a sorting mat. Funny! I thought of that idea too. I used to use my homemade version of this back when I cut and filed all my coupons instead of just saving inserts. Great minds think alike eh? Mine is not so professional looking of course but it is functional.

Combining The Couponizer with The Grocery Game seems to me like a winning combination. Considering the amounts I am saving using GG, I feel very comfortable taking a little bit from my grocery budget this week and investing in one more tool to help me save time and money, and make my shopping trip more streamlined and less awkward.

I like good products. I think The Grocery Game is top of the line when it comes to the various coupon user's services. The Couponizer, a well designed product that is perfect for ease of use and convenience is another one of those really good products. When I find something like this I think it is worth while to pay good money for it. Even us semi-frugal gals will splurge on a good tool!

GG and The Couponizer-- Win~Win!

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