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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Dream-- Attention to Detail--again exposes problems..

Well this house is still a possible option--but its looking murky and has slowed down. Hubby was so excited about it, he wanted us to get our offer in today and I had made an appointment to see the realtor and put it in. BUT on my checklist was one item that changed everything.

I called the County and looked into the zoning, building permits and inspections on this unfinished construction project.

What I learned contradicted what I'd been told by the seller.

Problem number One:

He told us that the house had passed a structural inspection.

According to the county permits and inspections folks, what actually happened is he took out one permit and had the 'footing' inspected and it passed--basically a hole in the ground passed.

He then called for a 2nd inspection but he had allowed his permit to expire so the inspector did not do the inspection.

The foundation and structure of the building have never been inspected much less passed.

Well he can call and get a new permit and then have the house inspected in short order--so this is a problem it might be possible to overcome. I'm skeptical though, the building is perched on the top of a hill and it is a steep hill-- I would only consider buying it if KNOW FOR SURE that the foundation and structure are considered safe.

Problem number two:
He told us that its all 'paid for' he owns it outright. Well-- a call to zoning and the tax assessment revealed that there is no evidence that he owns this property at all. They suggested we come in and look at maps and see if it is possible to figure out whose name it is in. They said it is common for builders to take out permits to build, but that there is not a way to connect the builder to the owner--they may be different people. This guy may have listed a house with a realtor that he doesn't even own! Possibly he has made payments on it and hasn't got the title.

Well if he can prove he owns the property this could be solvable--but the light is getting dim. :(

Ay Carumba!

What's funny is my husband & I both really liked this guy. I told Hubby--if he's a bad guy he is sure doing an A1 job of faking being a good guy. Which just goes to show you --NEVER take anything for granted. Do your homework when you buy a home!

Well I've got a call in to the realtor so I can let her know all these lovely details, then the ball is in his court. Perhaps Pokeberry is staying put awhile.

We shall see.

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