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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Dream... Details progressing aloung, a little inpiration..

Well Hubby is coming home so we can both sign the last version of our counter offer and take it with a couple of new checks to the realtor--who will trade our new checks for our old check and get busy on working out a closing. I just wrote a check to pay for the permit and inspection of the house to be done--we hope by Wednsday, but maybe by Thursday. IF they can inspect quickly and the credit union can transfer our funds equally fast--we may still be able to close this transaction before our trips next week. That would be great.

I've decided I am taking the seller at his word that he had the house inspected and the county lost the papers. It doesn't matter its going to be inspected again anyhow. We need to SEE the papers. No sense believing he lied.. Besides after a couple conversations with the county--I'm inclined to think it is not beyond the realm of possibility that they lost some papers. *note to self--make sure you keep copies whenever you deal with this county in the future.

One thing I am impressed with is the amount of work this elderly man has done on this house. He has nearly single handedly built a 3000sq foot house. That is just incredible. If the county is correct and he only had the footings inspected a year and a half ago (hmmm... seems dubious) then he did this tremendous amount of work in a year and a half instead of the 4 years he says it took.

All I can say is if this sale goes all the way and we are one day in the future tired and whiney after a hard day of dry walling or something at our new home, I am going to try to remember this elderly man and all he did on it and I am going to say to myself and my family--

--if that little old man could do all that by himself I can surely do a bit of mudding and taping and painting!

I'm not 100% sure he's told us the truth--but I think he has certainly gained my respect for the work he has accomplished. I just hope it passes the inspection.

We shall see...

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