Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Dream-- Good Inspection!

Well we don't have the written report yet, but I talked to the inspector and it sounds like things are pretty good. The foundation, structure and roof all in good shape and done properly. The deck needs to come off--but it didn't take an inspector to tell us that--we could see it was kind of haphazardly thrown up and we think the owner really is only using it as a storage spot--as it hasn't got decking,just plywood floor and there are tarps over it to cover building supplies.

It looks like we'll be buying!

My inlaws are pretty excited and want to come up and have Christmas here and stay and work on the place a little with us.

I'm heading off to bed. I didn't sleep at all last night and was home sick again today, I expect to be ok to work on Saturday and hopefully to sleep well tonite.

Got my little seed catalog in the mail from Nichols Garden Nursery yesterday. I started looking in it a bit. There is a huge pile of concrete block on the property we are planning to buy-- the seller asked if we wanted it-- you betcha! I'm going to make raised beds from some of it and Hubby will use the rest for various projects. I may start my new garden as soon as we close because the wiring and plumbing needs to be finished before we start to insulate and dry wall --and since Hubby will do all that with our son David, I will have our daughter Sarah help me build concrete block beds and tote my compost bin contents to the new place in trash bags so I can start building up some good soil and maybe start a little planting. I think I can still stick some shallots and garlic in for a summer harvest if I get it done in December. January will be time to plant some other things. In South Carolina--where the house is-- you can grow things all year--not the same things--but there are certain things that work in certain seasons. I'd love to get the new Pokeberry Garden going before we move in!

Just the feeling that it will be truly ours-- is such a lovely anticipation. I know we may not actually live inside the house for 6 months or so--depending on how fast we can do things--but we may pick up a 2nd hand older rv to stay on the land in a couple months so we won't be paying rent and driving so much while we finish our work.

I think too, this will be a family project that may be a good thing for us all. Help us finish the process of recovering from all we lost back in our hard years.

I'll also be happy to bring my rooted cuttings of shrubs and vines to the new place--I know just where I need to plant them!



  1. I'm so glad things are coming together.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh, how exciting! I am so happy for you, Mary! It will be wonderful to all work together as a family, won't it??? Congrats!