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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Dream... He Said, She Said Is Improving Along the Way

Well, Hubby got a call back finally from the County Inspector. He was able to talk to a man who is actually familiar with this house. Turns out the seller was telling the truth about quite a few things such as the age of the house. He answered all our questions and told us that if he were in our situation he would hire a licensed inspector and have them take a look in particular to make sure there isn't water damage as the house has been standing not totally finished for several years. From what he said I think it is quite reasonable to believe that the seller has given an honest picture of what has been done--though there isn't 100% proof.

In any case I checked and the inspector who is going out today is not only licensed he has quite a few certifications and has awards and some standing in the county and in South Carolina as well. President of some board.. etc..

Anyhow we feel ok with the inspector. Apparently if he misses anything he is responsible for it legally. So that gives us some recourse.

When we looked at the house ourselves we thought it looked pretty good except that we did note that there were 2nd hand materials used. The county inspector also had noted that but said that it would be taken into account by the county that these materials have been in place and functioning for over 5 years, so they would not likely have a problem with them.

Well looks like we'll wait and see what the licensed inspector's report tells us. We didn't see any water damage when we were out there, but we're not licensed inspectors obviously.

I think this may just go through. Hope so, Hubby and I have already been figuring out how to manage quite a few details.

Apparently it is also legal to put an RV on the land hooked up to septic and live in it while building. The inspector said he had personally ok'd the seller's trailer and so he has seen the house.

Good to hear from someone who seems to know what he is talking about.

Helps put the mind at ease. :)

So we will await the report later today. I've put a pot of chicken soup on to cook and maybe NOW I can take my nap??

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