Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Dream... hmm... hopes up again?

We got an email from the realtor that the seller is again considering our offer and would like to think about it over the weekend. He'd still like more but apparently whoever came to look at the place yesterday didn't want it. We raised our offer a little bit more, we are still about 5,000 below what he was willing to take, but that's it for us. We'll have more in a month, but we think we'd need it for working on the house--and then some. We don't think we should go higher.

Meanwhile, on the odd chance that we might still get this house, I brought home some magazines and books too look at. I have a couple of lovely books for country style kitchen designs and several copies of 'This Old House Magazine'.I'm just looking at the pictures.

I'm glad I have them cuz I'll be doing some dozing off the next couple days--hopefully not longer. Whatever has been bothering my chest got worse in the night. Last night after work I said I felt kind of like I did when I had pneumonia, very short of breath. About 3 am I woke up with quite a cough and spent the rest of the night in the living room in a recliner chair with book tv sort of talking me to sleep. I took a new cough syrup I got free at Riteaid one day. Its claim to fame--tastes awful but it works. Well--I ended up also taking another remedy for more cough control so I could sleep--but I will vouch for the tastes awful claim. This stuff has camphor in it! It literally tastes as if you just had a spoon full of melted vicks vaporub. And its yellow-- about as unapetizing as it could possibly be. I don't think this is going to compete well. It may not be new--its called Buckleys Cough syrup. TRULY awful. But then again maybe gagging could be good for you?

I guess now I do know I'm sick. Maybe its not pneumonia--not sure--but its something. Funny I never even got a head cold! Just wham! Right in the chest.

Well, I got something neat in mailbox this morning--it must have come yesterday. I was out getting my Sunday paper and there was our neighborhood assocaition newsletter with my little article in it! I'm published!
(actually I've been published in the past--but this was still kind of neat.) I'm keeping it for a scrapbook or portfolio I think. Its my little article on feral cats in our neighborhood. "Are You a Kitty Grandparent?" inspired by Junior who still hangs out in my backyard now and then.

I'm also possibly going to have film credits-- yup. That's right. Pokeberry Mary may soon be credited (using my real name) for a knefla soup recipe being considered by the crew of an independant film on the Germans from Russia. You can just meet all sorts of folks blogging. ;)

Its such a cool world don'tcha know? Time to go, I'm tired!


  1. OMG, Mary...I can't believe I missed this post somehow! I sure do hope you are feeling better soon. Don't mess around though if you have any inkling it could be pneumonia...go get a chest x-ray to rule it out!!! Pnuemonia can kill ya!!! Congrats on your article and upcoming possible film credits! Awesome!!!

  2. Hubby wants me to call the Doc today. I didn't cough last night at all, so I think that's good. But my chest still feels tight--I suppose I should go--yuk.