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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Dream... A Little Snag...

Yesterday we heard from the realtor that there is a new twist in our plot. The seller went down to the county to renew his building permit so he could have the house inspected by the county as our contract stiplulates. Turns out, the law in that county has been changed. Now, if an owner takes out a new construction building permit without a licensed contractor doing the work for him, he must sign a waiver that he will not sell the property for two years!

Well of course he can't sign that.

Meanwhile the county, which moved to a new building recently has lost the house plans, and if the seller's story is correct, they've also lost records that show the house was already inspected and passed--dunno on that one--we've heard so many dates and stories bandied about that we're not sure who to believe.

Yesterday was a bit stressy. I was tired and sick, Hubby was frustrated, between us we went to bed just feeling a bit numb.

More rested this morning we decided--well we are in the driver's seat here--we have no need to hurry or worry really. We're still interested in the house but don't HAVE to buy it. Our contract is expired and the seller is having an independant inspector look at the building today at his expense--rather than ours.

We're waiting to see what this inspection says and also Hubby is pressing the county to answer a list of questions. They are sending someone to their 'old building' to look for files on this house and we can make our decision when we feel we are better informed.

We can buy or we can walk away. It doesn't appear we're going to need to worry that too many others will compete with us right now and we no longer feel we need to rush for the seller's sake--as well-- he's kind of stuck.

What was a numbing frustrating bit of news yesterday now seems ok. We just needed to get our stride back, to sleep on it.

I'm feeling a little better, but tired. I got up with thoughts of going to work, but now am having second thoughts as I just feel dizzy and kind of nauseus, from sinus, and my ears I guess are just out of whack. Maybe one more day home is best.
As for the house, well we shall see.


  1. Hi Mary! I hope you feel better soon!!! I am wondering if you shouldn't work with a real estate attorney. I know it is an expense, but this is making me wonder if everything will be as OK as the seller is many lost records, etc.??? I know you will be careful. I also worry about the sellers is someone HE is paying afterall, and the report has the potential to be slanted to his advantage. Like you do have the advantage right now. Good luck with it all.

  2. Hi Julie--We never agreed to accept the seller's independant inspection. There's an attorney for the closing --if we get that far.

    Right now, the agreement we had with the seller is no longer binding. We think since the county appears to be somewhat disorganized with their records that we can accomplish about as much as anyone else by pushing them to look into it further. As for the inspection--it is a reputable company and we're interested in what they come up with--but we're not bound to buy the house based on their inspection.

    We're more interested in learning exactly what the county has for rules and such like right now--that would apply to us--if we buy.

    I'm not real impressed with the realtor or with attorneys we've met either-seems like if you want to dig into things you need do it yourself as they don't seem to come up with answers. The lady at the county was actually rather put out that Hubby wanted these records!

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed that all turns out well.