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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Dream... Waiting Time

Well its after noon here, the deadline for the seller to accept or counter our offer is 5 pm. No news so far. I'm thinking he will likely counter--ask for more money most likely. Of course I don't actually KNOW that. That's what happens when you wait, you think... you guess.. you wonder... you try to figure out why the answer isn't faster coming.

I'm anxious, but all in all, I'm not as anxious over this as I would have been years ago. I've been up and down so much that now I just spend a few moments in prayer and go do something else. Today I baked a cake and did some blogging and laundry and helped my daughter take care of some things she needed to do.

I know that sometimes things don't work out, and sometimes they do. Even if they do-- that doesn't mean the course will be smooth sailing. I've come to expect difficulties.

Looking into the future I know that if all goes through and we buy this house--there will be plenty of difficulties to deal with before the house is finished and we can all move in. Likely it is going to be difficult every day for a long time. Imagining ahead, I wonder if we might end up living out on the land before the house is done-- in that case--perhaps there will be difficulties every night as well.

Hubby and I are already discussing the various ways we might deal with things that we expect will come up, how to keep our budget from exploding on us, and I'm learning what steps need to be taken to make sure its all done legally. Even this morning I was checking to see if my insurance provider could help me get builder's risk insurance on the new house even though it is in a different state. I don't even know if I'm going to get the house but I want to be prepared if I do. If I don't at least I'll have more knowledge under my belt for the next situation we encounter.

I like to read true stories--stories of people who have done hard things. Right now I am reading "Starting Over" by Jackie Clay of Backwoods Home Magazine. When I read some of the things she dealt with while building her place in Northern Minnesota I figure there's almost no way our difficulties will be THAT difficult. I think we can do it. I find that folks like Jackie are inspiring, they help me realize that I'm not so frail as I might think.

Anyhow, waiting is a time that thoughts come to mind and I really don't know if this is 'the one' at this point. I'd be happy with it--its the nicest potential I've seen so far. There's alot of 'if' in there though.

We shall see.

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