Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fall Garden Chores in Pokeberry

Hubby and I had a nice long walk to the river and home again this morning. The water is clearer than usual and the sky is that crisp beautiful blue that we love here in the Carolinas. It never ceases to amaze me that the sky stays blue all winter here.

I stripped the vines off the posts along the carport patio and took them off my trellis the front of the house. All the annual vines are just about done--the morning glory and cypress vine and moon vine. The mandevilla got short hair cuts and watering and will go in the garage for winter. We cleared a spot by the south side of the garage where there is a door with glass windows. Most of the plants that require protection for winter are going there, a few will come in the house. I've watered them and gathered the pots in the driveway to dry a bit before we put them in the garage. I'll mark my calendar and once a month go out to water a bit in the garage. When the weather warms up in spring I'll start opening the garage door a bit to get light on warm days then finally bring them out for spring. The garage is a better option for me than trying to put everyone in the house again this year--there's too many now--they won't fit in this little house--and there's probably plenty of critters in the pots as well.

I'm baking a couple small loaves of cibatta bread and when that is done I'm heading to Walmart where my new pressure canner is waiting to be picked up!

We are still looking for a place to buy--but I'm just trying to not think too much about moving right now. Its too much of a distraction for me.

I may dig and move the 3 hydrangea shrubs in front of the carport~patio--they suffered from the sun all summer and never bloomed. They are in the wrong place! I know they'd be best planted in the front yard beneath the little trees. I may wait and have my son do this as I don't know how deep those roots are. This is a good time of year for these things as it is not so hot and they will have a better chance to survive. If I move them out of the bed they are in, I will then get the herbs from the vegetable garden and put them in the spots that will be left-- lavendar and sage are out there and thyme--things that will handle the heat better.

The lamb's ear in front and back could be divided as well--and fill in spots here and there along with some sedum. There's plenty to do I see, how nice!

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