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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

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We're going to go look inside the 1/2 finished house I mentioned here yesterday. We have an appointment this morning and I'm off to work then for the evening. Busy Busy.

We've nixed the balloon payment thing, and aren't sure if/how we want to proceed.

First things first. We're going to go look the place over with a clipboard so we can write down anything we think would be needed right away to make the house ready to live in--although now I hear the builder is actually living in it--which makes me wonder if more is done inside than we know--maybe! It could just be they have to live in it--done or not. I really have no idea.

My idea is that if we find we can do what is needed for under a certain amount we should make an offer that we can pay for cash. Hubby wants to make sure we have enough cash left to work on it. IF we can move quickly- be ready to move in there as soon as possible--though we do have to give our landlord 60 days notice--if we can get it ready to live in for less than $10,000 I see no reason to finance anything, I would just offer a little less than he is asking and see if he will take it.

It all depends on what we find when we go look it over more in depth today.

Right now we don't know if its a great deal--or a ticket to trouble. For me the idea of attaching ourselves to a long term loan is near anathema. I could handle a small loan that I'd be able to pay off quickly without payment penalties. I would not like a loan of more than maybe 15,000 and definitely not a balloom payment or any other predatory type of loan.

I've done some homework so I know that the seller is probably losing money here, the land is worth about 1/2 his asking price. I think there is a deal we could all agree on if we decide we do want to go ahead with hit.

I know that some supplies are already on site and will go with the place--what they are and how much of them--that is very important.

Today is another homework day. Get info and then use that info to get more info so we can make a decision.

One thing we can't do is let ourselves be rushed or pressured by anyone!

If by chance someone else comes along and is interested we plod along to find out what we need to know--they can buy it out from under us and we'll plod along elsewhere. It is important not to buy things in haste because you will have years to regret it.

Lessons learned. :)

Other things are going ok. I'm feeling a cold or maybe chest cold trying to get hold of me. That's worrisome. There is flu going around and pneumonia and I am susceptible to pneumonia since I got it a few years ago and I have had more asthma issues since then. Last time it was brought on by a combination of a bad cold and overworking. I don't want to repeat that, so I'm already slowing down a little just in case.

At the moment I am watching dozens of little birds making short flights from the holly hedge to the feeder which I filled up yesterday. They seem to be a large family of sparrows. I've always had a soft spot for sparrows, when we first moved out of our home in Wisconsin and were in a place I didn't care for the sparrows were the only birds that came to my feeder. I would watch them every morning before I went to work. I think that winter those little dull colored birds were my only comfort in a really tough tough time. There are many more colorful birds and birds that sing prettier that come to my feeders but I enjoy the sparrows every bit as much.

The thing I love about birds is they are everywhere you go in life. They seem to be able to adapt to any situation. In the harsh climate of North Dakota there were little birds at the feeder and in Wisconsin and of course they abound even more here in the Carolinas. Always they are near the garden bringing cheer!

Tomorrow I Hope to post my Knefla soup recipe. A reader has requested it and I promised to try. I still have enough of the soup I made yesterday so I won't be making any knefla this week--but maybe next week. :) Its delicious! Its a potato soup with strips of dough in it that are kind of like a dumpling, I use a good chicken stock for flavor. Wonderful Comfort Food!


  1. That soup sounds very interesting!!! Really good for a cold night! I get a cold or flu and it goes straight into asthma. I have nearly died from flu/asthma 2 times in the past. Not fun.

  2. Ya, its not so good to get pneumonia. After I had it the asthma I already had--which hadn't bothered me much in years--suddenly became an issue. I recall coughing for nearly a year before it calmed down enough to stop using advair every day. Now I just use an inhaler and happily part of the year not even that--although lately I am using it. The last thing I'd want to do right now is get a flu or pneumonia again! Knefla probably isn't a good soup for congestion--as its so thick--but the one I made the other day-- is awesome! I like to put alot of pepper in-- it soothes the throat.