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Monday, November 17, 2008

In Pokeberry Monday Morning in November

I am off work today and I guess I need to call my doctor and see about some antibiotics. I don't feel all that badly but with a history of pneumonia I guess I should take care. I spent much of yesterday reading in my recliner, well.. except for cooking and doing laundry and a load of dishes. I skipped my usual GG shopping trip--which is fine. I am well enough stocked that it won't hurt to miss a week or two of shopping right now.

Although we had some warm weather earlier this weekend, this morning I see that the grass appears white--its not snow--its frost. It is 31' here in Charlotte North Carolina this morning. That's pretty cold for here. I imagine it will warm up again, that's how it is, up and down.

Next week I'll be up in Wisconsin with my 'fargo coat' I describe it as being like a sleeping bag you can walk in with a wind tunnel for a hood.

When we were in Fargo I needed that coat! Thank you LL Bean! Last year, here in Charlotte I broke it out a couple of times, but really it was always above zero here, the coldest I've seen it get here is 19 degrees which really freaks out the natives. In Fargo and Wisconsin I often endured weather in the minus range.

Fargo had the added attraction of incredible wind.Try opening your car door with a 30 or 40 degree below zero 50+ mph wind against you! Charloteans would simply die I'm sure.

Sometime in early December when I was there, it rained, then froze, then snowed--that left an ice coat on my car 1/4 inch thick! For the rest of the winter--up into April I think it was, that original ice layer never ever melted from the ground it just got more layers of icy snow and other sorts of snow, lasagna style. I would drive with both hands firmly on the wheel always stressed as I feared ending up like so many other cars in the deep ditches by the sides of the road. I never understood why the ditches were so deep --until spring thaw. In a day or two those ditches were many feet deep with water! The snow and ice melt but the ground being still frozen won't absorb the water--thus after the freezing windy cold you get the floods. Lovely place! Of course here in Charlotte you see folks nervous driving too-- they won't drive if it is raining heavily, or if there is frost and rain combined. Why? Because people here do NOT know how to drive when it is slippery--period. Nascar aside, they all stay home.

All in all though, I did have a good year in Fargo. I met some wonderful people there and although I'm not a fan of being freezing cold, I really do think its a nice place to live, I could do it again if I had to.

Looking out this morning here in Pokeberry there is a bit of a rosy blush over the few clouds behind the trees, the sky looks like it will mainly be blue today. The leaves seem to be almost done falling, had I felt better yesterday I might have been after folks to get them dealt with, and to get windows and gutters cleaned. Instead I just sort of sat around wondering if I had pneumonia and napping. Seemed to make sense.

This morning I woke, on the day we expect to find out 'final answer' from the seller of the house we're interested in buying. Will he finally take our offer or not? We shall see..

Meanwhile Hubby has been up early and online and has found a building code book that seems to be the book South Carolina uses most. He also found a cd for sale on ebay, and is thinking ahead to what he will need to know if we get the house. I've also found reference materials in the library system that will be useful. Moving right along, 'in case'.

If the seller says no, we put it behind us--though we may check on it again in a month or so and see if it is still for sale and if he might reconsider. If he says yes, we will have to wait to see how the county inspection goes, then have our funds wired from our credit union and buy our place! The Dream may be close to fruition! Or it may not...

We shall see.

Meanwhile I think it will be a quiet day for me, other than calling the Dr and waiting to see what the Realtor tells us about this possible sale.

At the moment life feels like a Tom Petty Song!

The waiting is the hardest part.

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