Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Soup on the Stove, Pressure Canning Adventure Continues

I was planning to can soup, stock and chicken but Hubby says he thinks it would be more useful just to can soup. I've started up a second big stock pot of soup for that purpose, made from the homemade stock I made yesterday. I used all the chicken from the chicken I pressure cooked as well. I've got an assortment of pint size mason jars in the dishwasher and my new canner is waiting on the stove for this process to be done.

I am debating doing the actual canning in the early morning rather than tonite as it is already 8:30 and I'm definitely a better morning person than night person.

I'm looking forward to a trip to Harris Teeter some time this weekend. They are doing the triple coupon thing. I have to work most of Tomorrow afternoon & evening and all day Friday--so Saturday I'll probably get over to HT with my coupons, so far there are 9 that I would like to use.

I experimented a little with Coupon Mom and My Grocery Deals. I was looking to see the best price in our area on a few items using My Grocery Deals--there turned out to be only one sale on one of the items--so that was useful--but I could check the store websites fairly quickly myself, so I'm not sure how useful.

I printed out a list from Harris Teeter's website of the sale items I might be interested in, and then I checked the coupon database over at Coupon Mom for matching coupons. I found several listed by date of the coupon insert they came in--I keep my inserts intact and dated so that is very useful for me. I also found a couple of online coupons using the database and printed those out to use. Since all the coupons will be tripled this weekend--some of what I am buying will be free! Cool. I think Coupon Mom's coupon database is extremely useful it can be sorted various ways-- I like to use the search feature but maybe it would be good to also try checking for soon to expire coupons this weekend since they will be tripled--maybe there are things not on sale this week that would still be good deals if I had a 3x coupon for them.

I will also get an early Grocery Game this week probably since HT is doing 3x coupons. What I want to do is compare what I found out on my own using Coupon Mom with what I get in my paid subscription to Grocery Game. It may be that Coupon Mom will turn out useful enough to enable me not to renew my GG membership-- thus cutting another cost here. We shall see. I'm not sure--I do know that if I used Coupon Mom and my price list--which currently is out of date-- I would certainly be able to match GG in deals. The question is--is it worth doing that? Not sure yet.

I expect to get some free or close to free evaporated milk for one thing--to use in pumpkin pie. :)

I think Hubby has a point with the pressure canner it makes sense to can things that are 'ready to serve' and complicated like soup--not so much sense to just can broth when I will likely make more of it next time I make soup anyhow.

I'm hoping to grow some pepperoncini peppers next summer so I can pickle them for Hubby's favorite Italian beef. I'm also going to pickle some jardinera. I use both in that recipe. I also used to use Good Seasonings Italian Dressing mix--but now I have a homemade mix for that. So.. this meal is going to be much less pricey in the future once I get my veggies & peppers pickled and if I continue to only stock up on meat when it is at its lowest price.

Well time to turn off that soup pot and cool it off so I can hit the hay.


  1. You sure are a mover and a shaker! You seem to never run out of energy! I came home today and just fell out asleep on the couch! The election took it all out of me! LOL. It is so nice to see someone so excited to use a pressure canner. Best of luck with all the stuff you will make!

  2. The election I think took a toll on all of us--so stressful and LONG. Way too long. I guess they're talking about 2012 now.
    At the library especially it wore us out to have so much noise all day--I worked Tuesday night and it was quiet as a funeral home in there--very weird. I guess everyone was home watching results. Anyhow-I'm not as active as you think--but I do try. :)Once I plop in the evening I'm done for--so I'm trying to avoid that.