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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Price Book or The Grocery Game?

I know that it would be best if I continued to keep up with my Price Book--BUT--I'm a busy person. I have all sorts of things going at once usually and since the recent explosion of prices rising I've found it darn near impossible to update all the items in my Price Book. I gave up.

I rely mainy on The Grocery Game right now and I'm ok with that. I have learned by paying attention what good prices are on a most of the basic staples I buy. For instance I know that a double roll of toilet paper is a good deal if its less than 50 cents and I know that its a great deal when butter is less than Two dollars a pound. This bit of head knowledge combined with using The Grocery Game is working well for me.

I am finding that for the past 6 months straight I have spent just a little bit less every month. I always use my checking account debit card for groceries so I can pull up the statistics for it online and sort by store and therefore I know how much I spend where. I also know that since I began to use The Grocery Game with more commitment about 3 months ago my costs have been going down more dramatically and my pantry has been getting far better stocked.

The best of both worlds would be to use BOTH a price book AND The Grocery Game, but I'm finding it works GOOD ENOUGH for me right now to only use GG. This week I already know that the butter price at my Harris Teeter--my favorite good quality grocery store is higher than the butter price at Aldi. I like the Aldi butter just fine so at $1.99 a pound I'm stocking up there this time. I'll throw several pounds in the freezer. Butter freezes fine. Most of my shopping will remain at Harris Teeter.

I do trust Terri's List (Grocery Game) for the most part.Yes sometimes the list and my local store are not in perfect sinc--but overwhelmingly the more I use GG the more groceries I get and for less money. I really do see it working here. The list tells me when produce sales are at their best and meats too as well as canned goods etc. I prefer the quality at Harris Teeter and I think I would have to work pretty hard to figure out what to buy when if I didn't have GG.

I had to learn not to buy some things, but currently I have a pantry stocked with things I really will use--and at rock bottom prices. These days--that's like having an investment that isn't going to implode on you, like much of our 401K did a few weeks ago.

Another thing I learned is if I go to the store and they are out of an item that is on sale--ask. They may well have more and just not have it stocked. Sunday I ran in to HT and found every item I missed on Saturday was stocked! I was in the neighborhood anyhow so this was great!

I like things that give me good service. Grocery Game and Harris Teeter are worthwhile in my opinion.

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