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Friday, November 14, 2008

Price Book-- What Do You Do With It?

I was just thinking of this--the obvious question is--what do you do with the Price Book? In truth this whole thing is more for 'stockpiling' than for just getting a needed item or two. If I am making my grocery list for the week and see that certain things are are going to be a particular price on sale, and then figure out what the deal is when I also throw in a coupon or two or three... I can then compare that price to the price I generally pay per unit at Sams or Aldi for those items.

Sams is a warehouse grocery store and Aldi is a discount grocery. Both of them have daily prices that are usually lower than the every day prices at Harris Teeter where I prefer to shop, or even Food Lion or Walmart. When I shop according to sales and use coupons however I often get better prices at Harris Teeter than I can at Sams or Aldi--but not always. I've never seen butter as low at HT for instance as it is at Aldi this week. Its a featured item at Aldi this week--so this is a good week to stock up on it. I bought 5 pounds and 4 went directly into the freezer. Hopefully by the time that is gone there will be another good sale.

If I find that I can literally get a better deal on an item at stores like HT or FL--then I buy as many as I have coupons for, or whatever the limit is, or whatever I can fit in my freezer/pantry etc--within in my budget. This way I only stock up on things when I'm really getting a deal. Like when I got some 5# bags of flour for 50cents--you betcha I used all my coupons and filled up a bucket with that!

I'm no longer keeping a spreadsheet price book like I used to listing all stores/prices because I know that Aldi and Sams are the only ones I go to on any kind of regular basis that typically have low every day prices.

This is so much easier than it used to be!!

I can quickly update my price list now --probably once a month or even less often--when I am putting away my Aldi or Sam's Club groceries.

I can then print out the price list, fold it up and stick it in my coupon wallet. (I happen to use a Couponizer for my store shopping)

At this point I have learned couponing enough to know not only how to save money with coupons but also how to save time and effort! Cool!

I am still using Grocery Game some-- which I consider my 'coupon training wheels' but I'm only using it now for one store and I'm nearly ready to ride without the wheels.

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