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Friday, November 14, 2008

Pricebook -Bare Bones for Aldi and Sams Only

Since Grocery Game keeps track of prices at Harris Teeter for me and Food Lion--which I may be phasing out.. we'll see. I figure I can keep just a small price book and possibly even use it to cut/paste a grocery list when I need one. I decided a while ago to just keep track of prices for Sams Club and Aldi on things I sometimes buy at these two stores. I don't go to either of them every week. Right now I'm aiming at making a once a month trip to both.

Here's what my Price List for Aldi and Sams looks like right now it is updated as of the last time I was in either store:

Sams Club
Folgers coffee 9.77 7/08
Olive Oil 9.61--Good stuff! @ Sams 7/08
Cottage ch 7.13 7/08 80 oz or 5lb. ( .089125 per ounce)
Skim milk 3.17
Blk pepper whole-5.53 bulk container
Spaghetti noodles 6# 5.34
Rotini 6.52
Cheddar 2# 6.42- 3.11/#
Egg beaters--4 cartons 8.79
Mozz sticks 9.82
egg rolls 8.87
Lasagna 9.82
Flour tortillas 36? 3.56
Ckn sausage 11.84 for 3#
Seeded rolls- hb buns 12-2.28
Chips 2pk 4.88

Aldi--as of nov 08
Bacon ?
Sausage for breakfast .89
Butter 1.99/# on sale best price anyplace by far!
Pringles 99c 7/08 no longer available?
Cotg chs 24 oz. (best tasting--1% low fat tastes as good as 4%) 2.29
Milk 3.59
Flour tortilla
Fab softner liq 2.99
Fab softener sheets 2.99
Ziplx 1 gal 1.09
Ziplx 2 ga
Ziplz quart
Drawstring trash bags
Qtips .79 for 200
Frz Chicken breast-skinless/bonless 3#/ $5.99- marked 6.49? About $2/1# 7/08
Frz chicken legsq.
Cheddar/mozarella blocks 1.99 for 8 oz=3.98/#
Spaghetti Sauce- .99/26oz
Carrots -1.19/2# =.60 per # pound--not that sweet-- prefer HT if possible
Eggs--1.45 doz.
Spaghetti -1.69/2# .84/#
Bell Pepper--1.89/3 peppers =.63 per pepper
White rice-- 1.79/3#; .596 per pound
Celery bunch 1.29--lg bunch, not the best but ok
Ibuprofen--50ct .99
Mexican beer-6pk /5.49 =.915 per beer--tastes fine, use in pizza dough
Saran style wrap- 1.09 per 200ft=.00545 per foot
Canned mushrooms-4 oz/.49 = .1225 per oz.
Potato chips-1.29 for 11oz--not the best kind of thin and greasy
Pepperoni-1.99 for 8 oz - .2487 per oz

* This is obviously NOT a perfect price list. Next time I update it I hope to get more info on sizes/prices and unit prices included. For now it works ok because I have a good idea for my own personal use what size I'm getting for the price. Its a useful list even if its not a perfect list--that's what matters most!


  1. Thanks for posting this list. I'm in SC and plan to go to Aldi tomorrow. It has been so long since I was there I really had no idea what to expect.

  2. Hi Debtfree-- I need to do a better job on that price list-- its not much use if you don't include unit prices--but it is 'bare bones'. Did you know that you can the weekly flyer for Aldi in your email? That's how I knew that butter was going to be $1.99. I love real butter so I kind of planned to stop there this week rather than next just cuz I knew about that. My Harris Teeter puts it on sale for about $3--that's nuts!