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Monday, November 3, 2008

Rainwater for plants

It was raining a bit this evening so I popped outside and put my front porch plants on the steps. Some of these are houseplants that will be coming in soon, this is a nice last rainwatering for them. I brought my lemongrass plant in this afternoon and gave it a hair cut and set it in the living room near the window. Not many plants will spend winter inside--lemon grass is a lucky gal. Last year I left my lemon grass outside and I had to buy a new plant in spring. Not this time!

My pressure cooked chicken was delicious by the way, but slightly underdone when I took it out--I'm sure it is because I had 2 5+ pound birds instead of 3 3# birds. I just heated up the oven, stuck the chickens in a roaster pan and put then in the oven at 325, basting them with butter, and let them finish up. In 30 minutes I had delicious chicken. I put the leftovers in the fridge. In the morning I'll make my stock and soup. I'm sleepy tonight so going to bed early--catching up a little from the time change--I seem to be getting up too early.

I had a dr. appointment today and unfortunatlely had to have a couple RX's increased. Sigh.. Oh well. I am told that walking is good but I need to use my inhaler and increase my blood pressure med for now. The doctor says that my heart will improve as the pressure goes down. It wasn't that high, but not low enough I guess.

I've had high blood pressure since I was in my 20s, nearly 30 years. It is hereditary, started when I was a skinny young thing--which is sort of discouraging as losing weight doesn't necesarily fix it like it often does for some folks.

Ah well I'm glad I have the drugs because my grampa was not much older than me when it killed him. I guess that is my Irish inheritence. Fair complexion, blushing cheeks, green eyes and HBP.

Anyhow I am feeling good about the pressure canner. I know it wasn't a perfect first trial but I am learning as I go and mistakes make for more learning.

I'm also glad I learned in a way that isn't dangerous-- better to learn by cooking than canning. :)

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