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Monday, November 3, 2008

Signs of Socialism Right Here in America

I have been quiet a while on politics. I think today though I will speak one more time before this election. I surely do hope that folks won't go with the Democratic ticket. I was talking to a friend of mine at work who is from the Czech Republic. She was very upset about what she is seeing going on with the media and with Obama. She said, I lived in a socialist country I KNOW the signs. To think that this could happen here, in America it is heartbreaking! I could see the pain on her face.

I know folks don't believe it and don't want to hear it. But the truth is that the more liberal branch of the Democratic party is definitely socialist. They have plans for America and given the chance they will enact them. In a few years we will not recognize our nation anymore.

Look at what Barak Obama says in California and compare it to what he says to the folks in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia. Notice how the left leaning media gives him a complete pass and covers for him. It is the way it is.

The man can only be one of two things--either he knows exactly what he is doing and is committed to a global socialism or he is dangerously ignorant and naive--at the present I lean more toward believing he is a socialist than ignorant. I did listen to all of the video of him talking to the San Francisco Chronical editors--nothing there is out of context. This man WANTS the coal industry to be bankrupt and thinks that high energy prices are a reason to rejoice!

I'm not too keen on McCain, I really have not been able to get excited about him but I am so sure that Obama is very seriously dangerous for our country that I am going to speak it here, on this homemakers blog-- hoping someone will listen and at least think before voting for him tomorrow.

The man is a mystery because he wants to be one. He knows that if we all really knew his friends and his beliefs we'd never want him in office.

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