Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Friday, November 21, 2008

Tough Week in Pokeberry

I had quite a rough week, I actually lost 10 pounds! Between sinus and chest problems, and a bout of stomach type problems probably brought on by my tendency to get too nervous about things and the anitbiotics too I suppose. I was just not well. I had a hard hard time sleeping all week and I feel as if I've been through a ringer. Its never just one thing--I noticed that. I had some stress with one of our kids and worse stress to do with an extended family situation that seems to be coming to a head, sigh.. just a troubling hard week.

The inability to sleep I think was the worst. I just lay there and think. I hate that! Finally I found solace in talking to Hubby and reading Psalms. Psalm 31 in particular "Be of good courage and I will strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord." That was very good as there are some situations I really need strength for.

I'm looking forward to the house though--that's a bright spot on the horizon. We will own our own place again and I will have a garden that doesn't have to be portable--and looking at the economy right now I am super super glad there won't be a mortgage on it. God is good. We have been through so many storms and tossings and I just feel very grateful that something like this is happening.

In my dreams of a place I just never thought it would be a place quite like this one. Yes it does still need a heckuva lot of work--but its in a beautiful situation and its so big--I'll be able to have our kids come and their babies and visit us! I'll not be afraid of job losses. The man who has been building it is living on the land in a small cabin and old RV. Between those buildings he has lived there as he has been building, on a pay as you go basis. We will continue that but I think at a more rapid speed than he was able to accomplish. We have a better income, some money and supplies to get started and more help.

He has done all the hard work, well-- the outside work, foundation, framing, roof, doors, windows etc. We will do the rest. He has been out of work alot lately as construction is in bad shape. He's been living quite alot though on what he has canned and frozen. He has his own chickens and a huge shelved pantry in the basement of the new house holds all his mason jars full of sauces and jams. He also has canned chicken and was waiting to do some beef when we met him.

He's an interesting fellow. I enjoyed visiting with him and seeing his pantry and his homemade food dehydrator and various other things--his garden, his dog--the same sort we left in Wisconsin--a big german shepherd. When we had to move, we had to find ours a new home.

The land reminds me alot of our home in Wisconsin--except without the $1600 a month mortgage--Praise the Lord!

Well, I am going to try to get some things accomplished here today as well as get yet another offer signed for this house to accomodate the last bit of changes and see if the lawyer can give us a closing date, then Hubby is sending a copy of the offer to our credit union so we can have our funds released and sent here for a closing--I hope to close the week after Thanksgiving.

I'm still not feeling great, but I am going to see if I can find some OTC tummy stuff and maybe something to make sure I sleep tonight, so I can finally get back to work tomorrow without feeling awful.

God is good!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    The place sounds perfect for what you want. I can't wait to hear all the stories about "living on the land".

  2. Yes...this is so exciting just thinking about your new house! Have an open house and I will drive up for it! LOL.

    Sure hope you are feeling better by tomorrow!!!

  3. Mary...wanted to let you know about a gal I just discovered. Her name is Darla at Familyand She is a Christian, who gardens and cans her own fruit and vegies! I just thought the two of you have a lot in common and wanted to tell you about her. I told her about your blog as well.

    Hope you are feeling 100% back to normal! No more sickness this season!!!

  4. Hope you are feeling better.

    I tagged you check out my blog for details if you want to participate.