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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Under the Weather In Pokeberry

Well I'm not expecting much in the way of news today concerning the house. I'm kind of wiped out, not sleeping too good and feeling under the weather. I have started some antibiotics--didn't expect to be needing any of those for a while, but things hit you when they hit you. At the moment my biggest problem is a sort of gagging cough.

I'm looking out in the back yard right now at a small tree that I have never learned the name of. It is along the fence, next to the holly hedge. It is fully loaded with bright red berries and it has the sort of leaves that stay green all winter. It looks beautiful! There are mockingbirds hanging about it. One seems to have laid his claim, the others are not too far out of reach waiting a turn from the holly hedge. The dogwood has lost almost all its leaves now and a dove is perched there at the moment. Its berries seem to have also been picked bare.

I'm sipping some coffee, but thinking of going back to bed. I'll need to pause first I think and do a bit of praying as I tend to get sort of nervous/anxious whenever a big thing is pending like this house purchase. That's just me, I don't know I have never learned to not feel that way, but prayer is certainly a good way to lift my feelings up and any doubts or worries and let them be in God's control. I'll sleep better I'm sure when I manage to get my peace on straight. ;)

Speaking of peace there's not much in that pretty little tree! Quite alot of complaints are being lodged against the bird who seems to think it is his alone. There's more than enough for all the birds, but they are territorial and not very good at sharing. He is sitting on a high branch turning about to keep his eye on all his little world. He does miss some of the forays made by other birds, the branches are too full and lush for him to see it all.

Well, I think I shall go nap. Aren't I the ambitious one to get up and then go back to bed? G'morning/G'nite!

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